Announcements > The updated version of the membership site is here!

The updated version of the membership site is here!

Our web development team has been hard at work for several months, and the latest version of the membership site is now complete!

You’ll notice the site is easier to navigate, and the formatting is more streamlined. Your materials should also be simpler to access: choose between the Monthly View and the Year-Long Overview.

Additionally, the search function on the site is much more powerful, so you can search for specific key words and find all the released club content that’s relevant to your topic.

One important change is to note is that “download audio” below works a little differently now so that it’s more mobile-friendly. All browsers are different, and some will cause the audio to open in a new browser window instead of downloading. If that’s the case, right click the button to find the download option you want. The same is true for your mobile device–hold the download button until a menu appears to save the audio to your phone.

Take a look around, and if you have any problems, just send us an email.

Enjoy the new site!