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Take the “fewer things, better” challenge!

Join your fellow club members in re-focusing on what really matters and start the year off right! We’ll be taking my challenge called, “Goodbye ‘Teacher Tired’: 5 Days to Doing Fewer Things, Better.” 

Here are the simple shifts in your mindset & daily habits we’ll focus on. Each one can make a BIG difference!

Day 1: Get real about how much you can accomplish each day, and eliminate the unnecessary.

Day 2: Schedule your day to get the most important things done, instead of doing as much as possible.

Day 3: Minimize decision-making by automating tasks and creating routines that simplify your life.

Day 4: Maximize your energy and focus by batching tasks and building in buffer time.

Day 5: Prioritize rest as the catalyst for productivity, and schedule time for small moments you love.

Don’t worry, I’ll walk you through each step to help you figure out exactly how to apply these principles to your life, and take ONE action right away. 

The challenge includes foundational principles of the club (but does not duplicate any of the club content), so it’s a great way to jumpstart your results if you’ve just joined, or to reinforce what you’ve already learned if you’ve been a member for awhile.

Click here to download the entire challenge now.

We’ll start the challenge together on December 27th, but you can begin on your own at any time.

To participate, simply read or listen to each day’s message. Then use the hashtag #teachertiredchallenge on Instagram or Twitter to share your take-aways and actionable steps each day. I’m excited to see the changes you make!