Angela Watson’s

5 Summer Secrets
for a Stress-Free Fall

An on-demand, free video series for teachers

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In this free 7 part video series, I’m sharing practical time-saving strategies and simple mindset shifts that will help you:

* Discover how to create your end-of-summer vision (what do you want your life to look like when summer is over?)
* Select attainable, realistic goals that will move you toward that vision
* Learn simple time-saving tips that will help you work smarter, not harder
* Explore 5 productivity strategies for home and school that will help you feel more accomplished AND allow you to truly relax
* Get ideas for using your summer to get ahead for fall, including key tasks that can be done now to free up more time once school begins

You can complete the training in just under an hour, and also get:

* printable resources
* an audio-only version
* a certificate of completion

See what teachers are saying about the videos…

“Thank you, Angela! This training made SUCH a difference for me. I just watched and already feel more organized and like I have a better plan for my summer.”

“I always plan to do too much in the summer and get very stressed out at the end when I’ve run out of time. I feel like this video gave me a system for figuring out which things will make the biggest difference, rather than just trying to do everything.”

“I had to keep pausing this to take notes–I filled up almost the whole note taking guide! Thank you for providing this, and for making it free.”

“I watched your Summer Secrets training a week ago and can’t believe how making such small tweaks in my mindset and habits have made a difference. I really didn’t think it was possible. Now I realize I was probably making this more complicated than it needs to be. Thank you for the encouragement to slow down and simplify. I feel so much better.”

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