Professional development on productivity for schools

A step-by-step system for teachers be truly intentional with their instructional, contractual, and personal time

How can the club help teachers at YOUR school?

  • Is your faculty in need of a serious morale boost?
  • Are your teachers overwhelmed, exhausted, and struggling to balance all their responsibilities?
  • Do you want faculty to have the energy and focus to give 100% to students every day?
  • Would you like teachers to have explicit training in organization, task prioritization, and time management?
  • Do you need practical PD for streamlining lesson planning, parent communication, grading, and tech integration?

The 40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club has been the solution to these issues & more for teachers in 21,000+ schools.

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What is the club?

Club members pay a one-time fee and have indefinite access to a full year course on productivity, including personalized support.

The goal is NOT for a teacher to work 40 hours a week, but rather, to choose a target number that is realistic for him/her, and be intentional about staying focused on things that are most beneficial to students.

Members have ongoing support in changing their mindset and habits, so they can innovate rather than doing things the way they’ve always been done.

Though the club is best for grades K-12 general education teachers in the United States, the materials are not tied to a specific curriculum or set of standards. Club resources are designed to be applicable to teachers’ work throughout their careers, no matter what grade level or subject area they teach.

The research behind the club

The club was developed by Angela Watson, a National Board Certified Teacher with 11 years experience in the classroom and 8 years experience as an instructional coach and educational consultant. Watson has been supporting teachers online and sharing resources on her website (The Cornerstone) since 2003.

She is a widely renowned keynote speaker, has published four books for teachers, and offers a weekly podcast called Truth for Teachers. Click here to learn more about her work.

Watson created the club to address the teacher attrition crisis, and support dedicated yet exhausted teachers in maintaining their enthusiasm for the profession. The club is based on years of Watson’s work researching productivity strategies for teachers and testing them out in classrooms across the country.

Now welcoming it’s 6th cohort, the club is continually improving with teacher input and feedback. Three committees of graduated members have joined the 40HTW Team and help update the materials and keep them current.

Each of the 12 club modules supports teachers in a different focus area:


July: The Self-Running Classroom

Plan for a learning space where students will take ownership

August: Sustainable Systems

Be intentional about classroom organization management, and procedures


September: Effective Routines for Learning

Streamline small groups, student work habits, centers, and group work


October: Organizing & Prioritizing Tasks

How to decide what’s important, get it done, and let go of what’s not moving the needle


November: Lesson Planning

Plan meaningful, creative lessons that are engaging for students

December: Revamping Homework

Simplify homework systems so they work for parents and kids


January: Grading & Assessment

Use meaningful formative assessment techniques and improve grading practices


February: Parent Communication

Streamline parent communication to prevent problems and build rapport


March: Students, Not Scores

Increase student motivation and engagement, especially during test preparation


April: Work/Life Balance

Identify priorities to increase work/life balance and avoid burnout


May: Technology Timesavers

Eliminate digital clutter and discover how tech can streamline teaching and learning


June: Maximizing Summer

End the school year strong and plan a productive break to return refreshed and prepared in the fall

What does the data show about effectiveness?

Over 400 members who joined in January returned a survey 6 weeks later:

choose to continue using the club resources

began trimming 3 or more hours off their workweek

89% were quite or very satisfied with their investment in the club
88% were very or highly likely to recommend the club to other teachers
70% said their productivity level had increased
79% said they were achieving better work-life balance
66% said their stress level had improved
65% said their attitude toward their job had improved
60% said their effectiveness as a teacher had improved

Members experienced these results within their first 6 weeks of joining, and results increase as they continue the program. 92% of members report a reduction in unnecessary work hours & increased productivity by graduation.

What makes the club an effective PD option?

Easy-to-use membership site

Each teacher has an individual login and password. Simply click to the month and week you’re interested in, then download that week’s PDF or listen to the audio version. Here’s a 30 second preview of the site:

Customized professional development

Members are guided step-by-step as they examine every aspect of their work in order to streamline and systematize. They are encouraged to read (or listen to) a variety of strategies and select one which meets their needs and their students’ needs.

Self-reflection and improvement tools

Each quarter, members take a week to document their progress and reflect on how their teaching has changed.

Collaboration and coaching through an online PLN

Club members have a high quality Personal Learning Network included with their membership: they can check into a private Facebook group to ask questions and share resources. There is a group for elementary teachers and one for secondary teachers. Specific discussions related to the week’s productivity strategies are also held within the group.

Documentation of learning for professional development credits

A PD log is provided to support teachers in documenting both work completed and results. Members typically spend up to 2 hours per week reflecting on their teaching practice and planning ways to improve. Since this is a 52 week program, a certificate for up to 104 continuing education hours can be issued.

How are teachers using the club to prevent burnout?

Jake refocused on best practices that were affirmed & gained more family time

Andrea got organized & created efficient systems so she could finally work ahead

Jonathan saw kids take more ownership as he gained time for hobbies & wellness

Lizzy is saving 10 hours a week & feels like a better teacher, wife, and mom because she’s less stressed

T. got the support she needed to let go of perfectionism & overwhelm at her own pace

Katy learned to prioritize tasks & maximize instructional time to make every moment count

Tracey R.

"Joining this group was more than worth it. It is literally one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I was so close to burnout before. For those who want to enjoy teaching, the 40 Hour Teacher Workweek club deserves a chance. It helped ME love this job again, so I know that can happen for anyone."

Cary S.

"I just can't begin to tell you what a difference this course has already made in my teaching. Even if I don't work a single minute less than I have in the past, I am confident that the strategies I am learning will make me a more effective teacher. I have been to countless PD offerings in my 23 years teaching and have presented at the district, regional, state and national level but have not ever had PD that was so relevant and real world as this. Thanks again for sharing your gift with us and making us all more effective educators."

With individual licensing, each teacher receives…


52 weeks of classroom-tested productivity strategies
provided in both 10-15 page PDF form and 20-30 minute audio messages every Saturday (all materials are released up front for school licensing)


Hundreds of dollars worth of printable teaching resources and templates
to help with data management, grading, lesson planning, and more


Access to a private Facebook group
where trained coaches, club graduates, and hundreds of teacher-members answer questions, offer support, and encourage one another


A professional development certificate
at the end of the year to document participation for up to 104 continuing education hours

Additional benefits for school licensing

If you choose the school licensing option (available for 5 or more teachers), each person will receive all resources listed above, plus free updates each year and all of the following:

The ability to purchase at ANY time, not just during the short window twice a year when individual members can join

A short overview video for staff introducing the club, explaining its benefits, and demonstrating how to utilize the membership site

Discussion questions for each month so teams can facilitate conversations about how to collaborate

Advanced access to all club materials for the year up front plus FREE UPDATES EVERY YEAR

A 60 minute video training called, “Do Fewer Things, Better: How to Innovate with Intentionality” which can be used for flipped PD or played in a staff meeting to kick off the program

Monthly strategies for administrators to create a school culture that supports the principles of the club

Should I get individual or school licensing?

Both options are explained in detail above, and both are payable via credit/debit card, check, or purchase order.

Individual licensing is designed for…

-One or more teachers who want to join a regular summer cohort of the club

-Receiving one set of materials each week in a pre-determined order

-Piloting the resources with a few people before deciding whether to onboard the entire faculty

Buy individual licenses at $137 per educator

School licensing is designed for….

-Starting a PD initiative with training videos & PLC discussion questions

-Receiving all materials up front and selecting your own order/pacing of the materials

-Accessing updated versions of the materials for all future years of the club at no additional cost

Buy school licenses at $179 per educator

Additional purchasing info for school representatives

Discounts are available for high volume orders–contact us for quotes and inquiries.

All licenses are non-transferrable, meaning your teachers keep their access to the membership site and discussion community no matter what or where they teach in future years. If you bring more staff on board (either for the current school year, or in future school years) and wish to purchase additional licenses, you can do that at any time.

Please contact for assistance, including the completion of W9 forms and other paperwork.

Or, get started with the purchase order process using the payment buttons above.