40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club Reviews

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Improved organisation

I really enjoyed listening to Angela’s Truth for Teachers Podcasts, and although I didn’t feel I needed to reduce my work hours dramatically, I did want to improve my organisation and productivity. I recently returned from more than 8 years family leave, and teaching seemed to have changed so much. Being in Australia, often the topics did not match our school year in timing, but I always found something I could use/improve from each week. I’ve just written my June reports, so being able to delve back into the February material to read the report card tips (which I didn’t even download at the time – as it was beginning of the school year for us) was so beneficial. The ongoing access you have to all the material has meant that I can read at utilise the information when I need to in relations to our calendar. I would definitely recommend the Club to other teachers who may have misgivings due to not teaching in the US.

Don’t wait, join now!

I joined the club my second year of teaching, and I’ve never regretted my decision. I probably still work too many hours, but it is by choice. I am much more mindful of how I spend my time at school. The bonus resources are well worth the price alone, but Angela’s weekly lessons made me understand my teaching practices on a much deeper level. I feel like this club has helped me become a better teacher. The PD certificate was a nice perk as well. My district allowed me to count all 104 hours towards my PD requirements. I love the graduate option as well. We still have access to the club materials, but the graduate program gives us access to anything that was updated. I can’t say enough good things about this program. Join today. You won’t regret your decision.

Changed My Life

Between learning to manage my time better, and sometimes lowering my standards to a level that is “good enough,” this club has made it so that I enjoy the TEACHING part of being a teacher. My only struggle came with modifying some of the material to be applicable for middle school- though that’s a common problem with any education advice. This is where the Facebook group came in though; we could talk together and work to make the materials fit our classrooms best! This investment was MORE than worth it!!

Amazing resource!

Angela is an incredible resource. I did not keep up with the club as much as I should, but knowing it is there when I have a specific problem is incredible. I would go through patches where I would read 3 months worth of material in a day, but taking Angela’s advice and choosing ONE habit to change each time is making a world of difference. If I followed along weekly, I can’t even begin to imagine how much better I would be, I keep telling myself I will, but Rome wasn’t built in a day. Keep up with the material, but if you don’t, just know that it is 100% worth it anyway. The facebook group is incredible and worth the money just itself. I have never felt more supported than I do in the club.

I found my personal life again with the 40HTW and lost 35 pounds!

When I initially heard about Angela Watson’s 40 Hour Teacher Workweek, I knew my working schedule at school was out of control. I was putting in many, many hours beyond the 40 hour week — sometimes logging in between 80-95 hours of time spent grading, planning, filling out paperwork and reinventing the wheel. With two little kids and a farm, this also meant very little time to spend with my family — let alone to take care of myself and plan time for a run. Then I joined the 40HTW program and started using some of Angela’s ideas. I will be honest, I did not get to it every week. I still don’t, especially in AP exam season. Sometimes, the email or the podcast was as far as I was able to get with her advice. But I made a point each week to “try” and implement a time-saving suggestion, then add another over time, and another, utilize a form or template, modify an idea to fit my classroom, think more about what she said and how it could work for me. I set goals for better hours and made better use of schedules, found ways to actually do it, and really tried to hold myself accountable with trying to balance my work and home life. When I came back to school in August, I was ready to do a better job with setting hours, keeping up with grading, filling out paperwork, supporting students at lunch and after school “Lunch & Learn” programs I run for my students. It didn’t change over night, but little things started working, so much so that I found time to run 30 minutes most weekdays and I’m spending a lot more time with my kids, who are 3 and 5. Today, I am not only implementing much of Angela’s ideas and plans into my professional working world (in which I was named 2018 Maryland Financial Literacy Teacher of the Year this year!), which has helped me cut back on my hours (not yet at a 40 hour workweek, but MUCH closer than I was … it’s a goal!) but I am also happy to report I’m 35 pounds lighter than I was a year ago because of Angela’s suggestions and advice. This program works! I am by no means perfect, and have plenty to still implement and take time to improve upon over the summer and this fall, but I LOVE this program. The members who willingly ask questions in a safe space, share advice, console colleagues and support them in their efforts are amazing. It’s the best professional development to change your life that money can buy. I’m not paid to say this, have no affiliation with Angela, etc., but I tell you this because it’s true. It changed my life for the better and it can do the same for you!

What they should have taught in college

I am a veteran teacher who is pretty organized but I always challenge myself to be better. There are things I am good at and things I need to work on. This program is relevant to all teachers and is easy to follow. I have graduated but I go back and read do parts of it frequently so I don’t fall into my old habits. Great freebies, printables and advice. I don’t use LL of it and don’t know anyone that does. It is the best because I can chose what works for me!

Worth Every Penny

1. Your membership fee is worth it starting with month one.
2. You don’t have to do everything provided every month.
3. There are so many aspects to teaching, but Angela helps you get and stay organized.
4. Angela’s positive messages each week were just what I needed!

Saved My Career

I wasn’t sure at first if this would work for me being in Australia with a different school year. While the release of content didn’t match up it was still very valuable. I was able to go from part time to full time work and land a job in my dream school, due to the confidence this club gave me. Not bad for someone who was getting ready to walk away from teaching. I joined the graduate program as there were times when I didn’t get to follow as closely as I would have liked. Now I can go to any topic when I need to brush up or I feel like things are spiraling out of control again. Best PD I have ever done.

Great Experience

The primary reason I joined was to grow in life balance. The program gives a wealth of resources to accomplish this dream. In the beginning I started determined to make a lot of changes all at once, thankfully Angela continually reminds us to implement just 1 change a month. As a club graduate, I have made several successful changes and realize that I can keep going through the club materials and continue to make small changes. I am very happy to be using this program and feel it has enhanced my life.


This club really has two facets that both guide and support you in being the best teacher you can be right now. The Facebook community is a harold of angels (teachers) providing support, encouragement, and real advice and recommendations. Angela’s club website and the program and resources then guide you with clear examples on how you might choose to build mindfulness, efficiencies, clarity, and purpose into how you teach. With tons of high value resources, worth well more than the price of the club. My favourite thing is that many of her recommendations are ones that I already use, or have thought of. And having them recognized by another has helped me steer my own course with greater confidence. And then, some suggestions, are new to me and have truly enhanced my teaching. I am an Angela fan! I used birthday money to join the club and it was the best present. It really helped me improve my life.