40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club Reviews

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Worth It

It is worth the investment. I’m a third-year teacher and the club has been instrumental in my success. I’ve gained many valuable habits.

A game changer

Angela is amazing! She shares an abundance of information that will help you stay organized and focus on the most important details of your day so your students thrive.

So worth it!

I am so glad I took the plunge and spent the money to join this club. The material has been so helpful for getting organized, and the depth and variety means there must be something for everyone. You can try as much or as little as you want too, so you won’t get overwhelmed. You can also go back to weeks at any time and only dip into weeks that most interest you at any given time. While I can’t say I’m down to 40 hours yet, it has certainly helped me get more effective and confident. Worth every penny! I highly recommend.

Great ideas

Going through the club is well worth it. I am an organized person, and still took away so much. I have been implementing things I have learned and plan to continue reviewing the material and implementing more of the ideas as I am able. I really like that the script for the audio is included, and I love all of the printables and resources that were made available to us. I use many of them.

Simple , Effective, Attainable

I have learned so many things from being in this 40 HTW club. I needed real honest and practical suggestions and that is exactly what I received. I feel more confident and peaceful about my teaching experience. In this era where we are required to juggle more hats that ever before, it is life-changing to have someone come along side and say “I get it. Let’s get back to the basic foundation “. Angela did that for me and I am forever grateful. I believe finding this club saved my mental health and my marriage.

Worthwhile even if you can’t keep up

I started the club in the middle of my first year of teaching, and I am now midway through my second year. I haven’t been able to completely keep up with the club materials, but I have benefited greatly from what I have read and implemented, and I still have access to everything else so that I can read and implement as I have time.

Even the super-organized teacher can benefit from this club!

I’ve always been a fairly organized person and would often receive compliments for this skill. However, I still found myself working hours upon hours beyond the work day, even after 13 years of teaching. I desperately wanted to achieve a better work-home balance and when I heard about this program, I was very intrigued. The idea of working only 40 hours each week was my goal and I’ve come close to that number most weeks now. The strategies offered throughout this program not only helped me streamline my day into a more organized and purposeful one, but also validated many of the things I was already doing. Better yet, it really changed my mindset in a way that helped me to be kinder to myself as a teaching professional, and not guilt myself into working longer and harder. I love the changes I’ve made and feel that this program is worth every penny I’ve invested because it was an investment in me and it has helped me to become an even better teacher.

Worth the Investment

The content here covered much more about teaching than I thought it would. So much content so nicely packaged. I know I’ll keep going through the materials for years to come, each time something new inspiring me to better my practice and management of all that teaching entails.

Just Do It!

I was pretty skeptical about this program, but I was curious enough to try it out. It took me awhile to start putting the suggested steps in place. Once I began putting some Angela’s recommendations in place, everything changed for me. I am much more organized. My classroom is more structured with routines that work. Best of all, I have my life back! I no longer spend hours and hours after school and over weekends doing school work. If you feel disorganized or stressed by the demands of managing a classroom, take this class. It is the best PD I ever signed up for.

Useful resources; large amount of information; geared towards elementary; great for reference

First I am glad that I did this, or I would not have given the rating I did.

The information is chunked and useful, but overwhelming and geared toward elementary (I’m middle school). You still need to dig through everything and I’ll be honest, even after 1 year I have not done much more than look through the free deliverables. Some of these are incredibly useful, particularly the customized lists for me. But many I have saved for looking through at a later date.

That being said, now that I have access to everything when I am feeling overwhelmed with a particular problem it is very easy to find the 40htw information to help me through. This has really helped me with record keeping and parent communication.

Summary: Useful resources; large amount of information; geared towards elementary; great for reference