40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club Reviews

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Any current or graduated member of the club is welcome to leave a review and let other teachers know what to expect.

New Year, New Me!

This club has been incredibly helpful in guiding me to rethink, refocus, and realign my priorities. I have learned how to structure my time to accomplish the things that are most critical to my students’ success, and I have learned how to schedule in time for me to complete things that are important to me!

The Guide By the Side

Every month there have been little surprises to inspire or challenge me in how I face my profession. But pleasant surprises withstanding as a veteran teacher what I have appreciated most is feeling like someone is helping get and keep on track. I have found it easy to get distracted in tangents year after year, even with the best intentions, but having a weekly check-in has really help me navigate the less important distractions and good intentions that have sucked the life right out of my personal life. It’s like having a mentor coach keep me on track to make the best use of my time and recapture some “me” time.

You’ll never outgrow this program!

I joined the 40 HTW club as I returned to teaching after taking an 8-year break to stay home with my children. I was nervous about the work/school balance since I had never taught and been a mom at the same time. This club was just what I needed. I looked forward to Angela’s weekly emails to see what small ideas I could implement or mind shifts I needed to make. I still haven’t implemented every idea, but after 2 years in the program, I have a never-ending well of knowledge to draw from. I regularly listen to the audio content as I clean my house to remind myself what to focus on. Just like students need a spiral review to remember things, I need to be reminded of what to do to be a better teacher. I’m grateful I can review the content any time I need to. I am a better teacher and mom because of the 40 HTW club.

So thankful for this club!

Each month I look forwhard to the new content and, as a graduate, I eagerly review the materials each month. The TpT freebies alone are more than worth the price of the club but the biggest gain for me is that my classroom is ORGANIZED and self-functioning!


I signed up during the summer of transitioning from a preschool to my first year teaching in a public elementary school. It was a lot of information; however, I found it helpful to get the broad scope with Angela’s month at a glance and then decide what topics I wanted to dive into. It’s all well-organized, so it’s easy to find resources when you need them. It helped me make it through that first year with my sanity and this year, I have worked much more on batching tasks and after a few weeks of getting myself into my new routines, I’m now able to see how to end the year on a high note, plus be ready for next year.

A Life Saver

Before joining this club I was considering looking into another position in education that was less demanding because I was struggling to be the wife, mother, & teacher that I wanted to be. As soon as I started implementing the skills and mindsets I learned from Angela I saw a huge difference.

When you join don’t make the club one more thing on your to-do list by trying to “keep up”. A good rule of thumb for me was to focus on one new thing a week.

Really good value

Angela really helped me prioritize my tasks. The most important thing is that now I am very deliberate in how I choose to spend my time. It has made such a difference in my stress level and confidence. I joined the graduate class as well.

Thought Provoking

The 40 Hour Week Club provides helpful insights to what needed to be prioritized and gave me permission to explore what I was doing to create a more efficient working environment

New baby…..

The organization and materials from the club really made a difference for me this school year. I went back to work when my baby was 3 months old. I also have a 6 year old. I was able to use the start of the year material, didn’t have to think about what to do or say with my sleep deprived brain. Additionally, I was pumping during my prep time which means that I had little time to “prep” and I couldn’t do much at home because I had to take care of my kids. The organizational aspects of the club helped save me precious time. I only implemented a few things like class numbers and some of the suggestions from whole brain teaching but these few things made a big difference in my classroom. And I used my participation in the club as part of my PDP (professional development plan). Joining the club was one of the best things that I could have done for my professional life. Thank you Angela.

Absolutely worth the money and time!

I teach in an international school and I was a little worried before joining as to whether the materials would be useful or applicable to me. But I am go glad to have taken the leap! I have gotten an enormous amount out of the club, and it’s absolutely the best professional development money I have spent on myself ever. My colleagues and principal have commented over and over for the past two years since I joined how organised I am now! I’m so grateful to have invested the time and money into myself, and making my productivity a priority.