40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club Reviews

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The only time management tool that has worked for me.

The club has a broad range of strategies to fit many different learning and teaching styles.

Well worth it!

Angela gives you loads of information to better your teaching practice, as well as time-saving tips. You get handouts, printables, and lesson ideas as well. I have gotten a lot out of the Facebook group too. It’s like a Dear Abby for teachers, but the Facebook group offers solutions rather than one person. The thing that makes it worth the cost, is that once you are a member, you have access to the information you were given forever! This is huge, because sometimes you don’t have time to delve into the information for the month, so you can go back and revisit it when you do! And you keep your membership to the Facebook group as well! By this, you can see that Angela really cares about teachers, and she takes into consideration the demands on their time!

Helped Me, My Family, and My Students

During this last year, my husband deployed overseas, I had a lumpectomy, my husband had unexpected surgery, and my son got sick. I believe that the skills I am learning and developing helped me make time for my health and my family’s health as well as provide a compassionate and rigorous learning community for my students. I am learning how to prioritize and be intentional at home and at school.

Worth the Time

There are so many excellent ideas shared in the club, not only from Angela but other educators, too. Although my use of all the ideas is still a work in progress, I feel like I’ve definitely reduced my workload by implementing a few changes. I love that I can always go back and revisit club materials when I’m ready to do more. I loved listening to the audio on my commute to/from work. It always left me feeling inspired.

Great Information and Resources

Great information and resources available to you within the club. I did fall behind on reading every week, but it is available to you beyond your alloted time, so if you do get behind…you can always look back.

Take a leap, you won’t regret it.

When I first started teaching, I used to be at school from 7am until 7pm doing lesson planning and everything else in between. I was young, and didn’t really feel that it mattered that much because I loved doing it. I slowly came to realize though, that the rest of my life suffered because I no longer had a life or time for that matter. Everything was always about school. Then, kids came. The guilt of not spending enough time with them dawned on me. Then, this club and Angela came to help through this club. I have learned so much over the past year, and though I have missed some audio recordings here and there, Angela doesn’t make you feel like you are at fault. She understands and rather tells us time and again to not be so hard on ourselves. And if you really are struggling, she is just an email away. You get to refer back to the content again and again without your computer being overblown by files. The Facebook groups are amazing too! The teachers there really take the time to share their ideas and I know I’ve always felt so well supported. Living here in Malaysia, the exchange rate is high, so it works out to be RM600, which is roughly 25% of a Kindergarten teacher’s monthly salary. It has been worth.every.penny.

Supportive, high-quality resources

I found these high-quality resources to be well-organized and helpful. I appreciated Angela’s reminders to try just one or two ideas. Her supportive comments and messages helped reduce the “overwhelm” factor and show she really understands the reality of being a teacher.

Countering Burnout

I joined the club bc I was working over 60 hours a week. I was exhausted but as a pretty organized and experienced teacher, I didn’t have anyone to turn to for ideas. Angela’s podcast was recommended to me by a Responsive Classroom instructor. After listening to a few podcasts, I was in. The 40HTW Club has helped me learn organizatonal strategies and mindset shifts that helped me to cut my hours by 10-15/ week even though I switched grade levels. My favorite section was the Self-running Classroom. I thought I had kids helping before but now I don’t even have to use up brain-space (or have kids bicker about) silly things like who will hold the door or pass out the papers. Glorious!

I highly recommend the 40HTW Club to new and experienced teachers alike.

Time saving, thought-provoking, and encouraging

The club materials and weekly podcasts can be overwhelming, however, Angela repeats over and over again, to take what you need for a particular week and go back later when you have time. I am still sifting through the information even a month after my cohort has been completed. I find the materials are very helpful in organizing and streamlining the classroom; specifically grading ELA papers. The Facebook page is also extremely informative and provides thought provoking comments and useful suggestions. I joined the elementary and the secondary group and found both groups were helpful for the middle school age. The groups are very encouraging and it helps to know others have the same feelings and thoughts as yourself as a teacher/parent. Overall, the club was well worth the cost, not just in materials. The ideas, suggestions and encouragement made me reflect and evaluate myself as a teacher and person as well as my future goals. Now, I purposely look for positive relationships, experiences and enjoy the small victories/goals at school, whereas I didn’t before.

Worth it–even for an organized high school teacher

Thanks to the club, I picked up some fantastic new habits (like the to-do lists) and tips that have really made a difference in my productivity at school (including creative new ideas for organizing my classroom). The club is definitely more geared toward elementary, so high school teachers, beware–you’ll have to do some translating for your situation. (For world language teachers out there, I was pleased to find that I could apply some of the elementary content to my French classes.) Overall, because I’m an experienced and already-fairly-organized high school teacher, I did feel some of the club content either didn’t apply or was old hat to me, and I think inexperienced teachers or teachers who really don’t come by organization naturally would get the most out the club. But I’m still thankful for the plethora of new ideas I did find and am glad I joined.