40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club Reviews

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Any current or graduated member of the club is welcome to leave a review and let other teachers know what to expect.

Get off the Fence

I wasn’t sure about joining the club. I don’t have a family, I rarely work a ton of hours outside of my work day, and as a high school teacher, these kinds of clubs are often geared toward anything but you. But my teaching life had gotten out of control. My room was a mess, my routines and teaching stale. I needed something to kick start me – even if I didn’t use everything. But I did use a lot – in fact I’m still trying to get through everything. I was able to fix some major problems I’ve had for 20 years. Things that elementary teachers were using – I learned from and could apply some of the same principles to my high school classroom. I’m even using student jobs. Never thought I could make that work in high school. So try it – even if you don’t use everything – it is worth it.

Special Education Teachers Can Benefit from this Club

This club has so many resources and dedicated staff that participate in Facebook discussions. Having an issue and feeling stuck? Post it in the group! I have always had at least one response for any of my posts, usually many with a wealth of ideas that I can utilize in my classroom. I was hesitant as a Special Education teacher in the inner city that I may not really get the support I needed, but I did. Angela keeps adding new resources, providing her most recent research, and continuously moving forward. I did not always ‘do’ things suggested in a given month. Sometimes, I focused on one task that I had struggled with and let it be. I do not bring work home often anymore (IEPs and report card comments are the exceptions as I need quiet space to process). I feel more relaxed and confident in my skills as an educator since joining this club. I still have things to work on, but I will continue moving forward and will be joining the Graduate Program so I can stay in the loop with the trends in education and best practices.
I recommend joining if you see anything that you are struggling with as there are so many resources available to support teachers.

Worth every penny!

The club is well worth it and you get out of it what you put into it. Three days a week I now leave at 3:10 instead of 5:30/6:00. I plan well enough ahead that when unforeseen events happen, I am prepared and calm. Angela’s weekly focus PDFs, numerous links to resources and audio of the information are priceless.

Great program, but you HAVE to make time to use it!

I loved the whole idea of this program. There are SO many great ideas for being more efficient. If I had been much more diligent, I would have used it more effectively. But even the little bit that I was able to use (purely due to my own inability to discipline myself to make time for it, mind you) was incredibly helpful. My advice is to PUT ASIDE an hour or two a week to go through materials. I did not and am doing it NOW over the summer; organizing everything. I will also join the graduate program. So, yes, it’s worth the money. 🙂

Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

I am completing the 2018 cohort this month, and I will miss the weekly emails from Angela with her wealth of information & time saving tips. Her ideas are practical and can be adapted to any age/grade level. Each month was full of ideas for teachers and students, as well. I felt I was able to help my students take ownership of the classroom as they took on various roles/responsibilities (see Job application idea from Angela). There was NEVER pressure to incorporate ALL of the ideas. Unlike so many other cohorts that are forgettable, 40 Hr. will continue to assist me, save me time, and make me feel less stressed about all that needs to be done! I look forward to continuing to use the materials – as Angela keeps them accessible for all even after the end of their cohort!

Changed the way I approach my job!

At first, I wasn’t sure how this could help me as I thought I was a pretty organized person. Boy, was I wrong! Once I dove into this course, I quickly realized I had so much to learn! These tips and tools totally changed my life. I often refer to these resources on a weekly basis and will forever keep them on hand. I can’t wait to take the graduate course!

Don’t wait until you hit rock bottom to join

I was so close to leaving the profession because it had taken over every spare minute of my life. I was desperate and the 40 hour work week club had the answers that I needed. After applying the principals that I have learned and now practiced for a year I have gone from working 60-70 hours a week to an average of about 42 hours a week. I now have time to relax at the end of the day. I also feel like I am actually a better teacher working less hours. It’s been so liberating to not live at work. My biggest regret is that I waited until I hit rock bottom to change. I missed so much time with my family.

Building your own PLN

When I joined the January 2017 cohort, I envisioned streamlining my organizational processes. Because I had listened to Angela’s podcast “Truth for Teachers,” I knew I would learn from both Angela’s team and the dedicated, organized, creative teachers who followed her. What I didn’t know was how the monthly resources and the hive of educators in our Facebook group would jumpstart my own professional development. Thanks to the influence of all those involved, I now have the time and resources to dig deeply into the craft of teaching, into the research and writing being done by phenomenal educators, and into what is working for real teachers in real classrooms. For the small price tag, I got so much more than just organizational tips; I got a professional boost and my efforts and curiosity are enriching my life and my teaching practice.

Great for organization and motivation

The two best parts of the program are the constant resources and the Facebook group. There are so many great resources to use in the classroom and to help with getting organized and more prepared as a teacher. The best part to me is the Facebook. The understanding that you are not alone is so important. Hearing from so many teachers about their struggles in and out of the classroom, and how everyone has ideas to help, is amazing. I only wish I was more diligent and focused with the program.

Easily modified for Special Ed

This club is not geared towards the needs of a special education teacher; however, many of the materials can be modified to work for Special Ed. Angela’s program will help you modify your current program and cut down on hours for lesson prep, organization, and streamline your thought process. It will not help with your data tracking, progress monitoring, IEPs, or writing or implementing behavior plans or other specially designed instruction.
While I did not get as much out of the program as general education teachers would, Angela has great ideas and it helped me to cut my hours down by about 10 per week which makes the program well worth the cost. Thanks Angela!