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40 HTW is a Lifesaver!

As an experienced teacher, I thought I had things all worked out with planning, grading, and parent communication. Last year, I went from teaching elementary gifted resource to fifth grade. I hadn’t taught in the regular classroom for nine years. Even though I consider myself very organized and efficient, I joined 40 Hour Teacher Workweek to help with the transition. It has been a lifesaver, helping me reduce my workload from 70 hours a week in August to 50 hours a week by February. The resources on grading, list making, report cards, and parent communication are invaluable! The community support is excellent also! There are so many helpful folks who generously share their ideas, resources, and experience. Don’t hesitate to join 40 HTW! It’s given me a much better work/life balance!

An Investment You’ll Never Regret!

The 40HTW is an investment in myself I’ll never regret. Angela’s prolific and comprehensive materials kept me motivated all year long. I’d recommend listening to the audio resources first and then referencing the downloadable pdfs for topics that resonate with you the most. I’m looking forward to reviewing the content and discovering new applications as I continue to grow as a teacher. I believe the return on my investment will continue to multiply as I gain and implement additional insights from the Club.

Awareness is the key

While many of the suggestions given were more appropriate for general education teachers, I found being a member to be extremely valuable. Probably the most helpful tip was to be mindful when planning about what is required and what is “hobby” planning. Adding a cute graphic or “just one more link” to something the kids will never care about (or help them learn more) is a silly waste of valuable time. Usually. Sometimes, when I make a CONSCIOUS decision, then it’s good or fun or useful. This club has helped me to become more mindful and I have finally stopped working 7 days a week. I now LOVE my weekends and am cranky when I have to do ANY school work outside of school.

Efficient Systems

Putting efficient systems in place at the beginning of the year allowed me to have time that I never had before. I have been teaching 15 years and this is the first time that I have thoroughly enjoyed my job because I know I will have time for myself and my family after school and on the weekends. Although as teachers we have busy seasons, the majority of the year was manageable and enjoyable. Thank you for creating this program. It is definitely worth the money a thousand times over!

Life Changing

This course helped me so very much. I really loved the practice tips for all my difficult processes.

This Is All You Need

As a high school teacher, the 40 Hour Teacher Work Week gave me several ways to rethink and organize for the modern student. I was able to use several resources from the elementary and middle school levels to rethink and repurpose the materials for my classes. The modern topics the staff covered throughout the program gave me the support and additional reasons to defend my time. The suggestions and examples from the foundations are not only helping me, but also my students. I highly recommend this program to new and veteran teachers at any grade level.

Good quality resources

Each month you receive an abundance of great quality resources and materials to help in your classroom and to balance your school/work life.

Grading 66 essays at a time didn’t kill me

The tips Angela shares on her podcast are great, but the SYSTEMS that come from the club were a saving grace in this weird post-pandemic (not really) year. I felt more confident in teaching because I had more systems, my students became major contributors to the running of our classroom in an effective way, and I was able to incorporate a side hustle that made much more than the club costs. Most importantly, I was present for date night and didn’t feel like I had to stay at school late all the time.

Many reasons to join

I was hesitant to sign up originally. Would it be worth the money? Would I be adding more to my plate than I could handle? How would I benefit? Well, I will tell you it was worth the money, and no, I didn’t add more to my plate because I could CHOOSE how much/how little to read, listen, interact with the club. Angela sends out information monthly with Core Concepts broken down into manageable chunks. I loved knowing that if I didn’t have the time to look through everything, it was okay. I’ll always be a part of the group and have access to the materials, podcasts, etc. What did I gain? 1. Confidence in the fact that I wasn’t a failure when I couldn’t “do it all.” 2. Camaraderie with educators across the globe – real people with the same struggles, the same goals, and great ideas who were always willing to listen, suggest, and share. 3. Peace of mind. I was reminded over and over that working myself into exhaustion wasn’t the way to be the best teacher I could be for my students. 4. Balance – it’s okay to not have your work life be a 24 hour day. There is time for yourself and your family and friends WHILE being the best teacher you can be. If you choose to sign up, you won’t regret it.

So glad I joined this program

While some of the ideas or materials were for grades above kindergarten I still found plenty of time saving ideas and techniques to help me be more focused and effective in my teaching. I also gained new perspectives on how to best use my time, streamline many tasks, and reflect on the purpose of what I am doing in the classroom. I had a particular challenging class this year (as I’m sure was the case for most of us teaching post-pandemic) that really struggled with listening, following directions, and getting along with others. RIght when I needed it, the January materials focused on reteaching the classroom management routines and procedures. The ideas that I found here literally saved my sanity as I felt like I had control of the class once again.