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Use what you can and circle back around…

Awesome information. Nice to have continued access. My brain does not think this way so I think I had to take it a bit slower. By the end of the year I found that I tried one thing but dropped off to try the next thing. Ultimately I learned from others at my school in the club to try what I could and encouraged me that I still have access to the resources so I can basically review sections as needed.

My feedback on Angela Watson’s 40 Hour Teacher Club

Although I personally did not manage to keep up with reading and digesting the monthly materials, I know the Club can be super helpful for teachers who are struggling with organization and efficiency and other teaching issues. But to benefit, it is very important to schedule the time to go over the monthly materials and apply the things you are learning. In my case, I will have to catch up on over the summer and start applying it next school year.
I think the pitfall is to think there is a lot to learn each month and that might make a teacher give up altogether. I thing Angela’s advice is good -just take one thing and apply it each month.
Reward yourself in some way for having done it each month 🙂

Great efficiency tips!

I am a very spontaneous, random, sometimes absent-minded person. However, I enjoy lots of structure and routine in my classrooms. That being said, I sometimes need help knowing which ideas to follow through with (prioritize!) and this club has given me many tools to do so successfully, so I can spend more time doing what I love, teaching and enjoying music with my students. It also helped me look past the job tasks and set them aside for family time after school, without feeling stressed about forgetting something important.

A Game Changer!

There are so many things I used from this club and I didn’t even get through all the material! I love that you can return to do anything that you didn’t get to and you always have access. One thing that definitely was a game-changer for me was The To Do List. They got me really prioritizing my tasks and actually was the biggest thing that helped me not take work home and helped me put healthy boundaries around my commitments as a teacher. The only reason I gave it four stars is I haven’t had time to go through all of the material yet. But once I do, I’ll be happy to come back and get that fifth star as I’m sure it’s all brilliant!!!

The antidote to perfection

The material and online group have been very helpful to me. Especially helpful has been the idea that good enough is enough. I haven’t yet had time to dive deeply into all the material but what I have done has been useful . I appreciate that the materials are not complicated and the writing is jargon less and to the point. I wish I had found this my first years of teaching. A membership would be a good gift for a new teacher.

Worth it

This club is a treasure trove of quality resources. As a 15 year veteran, I found myself only scratching the surface of what Angela offers. That said, she saved me time, and improved my teaching, and I feel this was totally worth the investment.


The parts I used were very helpful but it was difficult to use consistently throughout the year because I was busy. I’m glad I have lifelong access to it because I’ll be looking at the materials again this summer when I have more time.

It’s worth the money.

They will find many suggestions that fit their needs; from organization to interactive sites for students, to book suggestions to science experiments on the Facebook page, there is something for everyone. If you think you don’t need any help, that you have everything under control, then it might not be for you. But if you could use some help, it will be well worth it.

Useful Materials to Add to Teacher CPD Program

My aim in joining was to find time saving solutions for my teachers. Several materials were very useful for adding them to an existing program for teacher CPD. You need to be dedicated to spend time logging in and chose what suits you best. Of course you must also alter it based on your needs. It’s very helpful to not have to start from scratch! Thank you!

Helpful Materials and Ideas

I DEFINITELY did not use the club to its full advantage. Didn’t use the social media group, and skipped full months of material. That being said, I still feel like my money was well spent. Every time I did access materials, I found an idea or resource that will be a lasting system in my classroom. I wouldn’t say I’ve fully changed my Type B ways, but I do have some great new tools. I feel the cost was worth it, especially if you used everything that is offered.