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shifting your mindset about time

There is a plethora of club resources, podcasts, FB posts, and other folks you can connect with…and it can all be overwhelming. However, there is no pressure or expectation for you to do it all and you get to set your own pace which may be good or bad depending on you. I’m the type that needs to process before implementing and can’t do too many things at once. Knowing that I have a lifetime membership helped me focus on the 1-2 things I wanted to work on this year and use the club resources to do them better; and next year, I’ll be focusing on something else.

The most valuable thing in my first year was fixing my mindset about my time: “saying yes to one things means no to something else”, doing “Fewer things, Better”, and to be intentional. I am a mother of 3yo and he just started sleeping through the night. I used to grade/prep after dinner when all he wanted was to play with me, then I helped with bedtime trying not to fall asleep myself, then stay up after he went to bed to grade papers or prep, and then wake up tired the next day…Rinse, repeat. But Angela helped me see how AND WHEN to prioritize my family and my work. I found a routine that enabled me to spend time with my husband and son after work, sleep 7 hours, and get 1.5 hours of grade/prep done on a daily! It was WIN, WIN, WIN for us.

Another crucial mindset shift about time and work habits was acknowledging that I am a “marathon worker” and when my “grading seasons” take place to create a schedule/routine around that; it saved my relationship with my husband, who used to hate my random work ours. Now he know what to expect and even helps in making time for me to grade on the weekends.

There are many specific club resources (like the task lists!) that helped me create a successful year but shifting my mindset about time was my biggest hurdle. Once I overcame that, the club resources helped me hone in on putting my systems into place and I believe that is when they can be most useful.
I definitely recommend joining…it is worth the time investment.

Even worth it for Elective Teachers!!

I am an elective (photography) teacher and it is always a struggle to find things that “fit” for my class. Even though not all of the club material does, there have been some great things that has helped me SO MUCH to make the money worth it AND I have only gotten through the first 4 months of the program. That is another great thing about this club…when you get overwhelmed, you can always come back to it when you can. I know that once I am able to get through all the material, I am going to be able to run my classroom with so much more efficiency, that overwhelm will be a thing of the past.

Less Overwhelm

Not only did I reduce my hours of work, but for me the greatest benefit was the reduction in feeling overwhelmed. Because there was a plan in place to get things done, I felt much more in control and less stressed on how I was going to get everything done.

Helped an organized teacher become much more efficient!

I’m a naturally organized person and teacher. I initially joined the club because I wanted to find a better work/life balance. Throughout, the course of this year Angela, the club, and the Facebook group has helped me find the balance I was looking for, I was able to cut my hours worked (and not feel guilty about it!), learned to create efficient lists, and set up boundaries for myself (I stopped saying yes to everything!). I learned to recognize how much time I was actually wasting at work, and by making small changes I was really able to be much more efficient! I’m so happy I joined the July 2018 cohort, I learned and gained so much more than I thought was even possible!

Amazing Start to a Journey!

I joined the 40HTW Club because I needed support and a reframe of my expectations. I spent a lot of time thinking about work even when I wasn’t working on work and was finding trouble balancing my priorities. I have really enjoyed using the club materials and will continue to do so. I had trouble keeping up with all of the topics and focuses, but know that I can come back to the materials at any time as I continue to implement the ideas over the next few years. I would highly recommend this for anyone who needs help organizing themselves, giving themselves permission to just be a human, and finding ways to cut back on superfluous busy work as a teacher.

I Failed a Wonderful Program

Go with the “if you do one thing”, and work from there. Yes, master teachers know how to work overtime, BUT that does not mean that 60+ hours is a badge of excellence. BTW, you can try it again, and again until you have settled into a realistic and balanced work week.

Helpful but need more modifications for specialist teachers

Lots of resources to use and apply to your needs. Useful and practical ideas.

Get off the Fence

I wasn’t sure about joining the club. I don’t have a family, I rarely work a ton of hours outside of my work day, and as a high school teacher, these kinds of clubs are often geared toward anything but you. But my teaching life had gotten out of control. My room was a mess, my routines and teaching stale. I needed something to kick start me – even if I didn’t use everything. But I did use a lot – in fact I’m still trying to get through everything. I was able to fix some major problems I’ve had for 20 years. Things that elementary teachers were using – I learned from and could apply some of the same principles to my high school classroom. I’m even using student jobs. Never thought I could make that work in high school. So try it – even if you don’t use everything – it is worth it.

Easily modified for Special Ed

This club is not geared towards the needs of a special education teacher; however, many of the materials can be modified to work for Special Ed. Angela’s program will help you modify your current program and cut down on hours for lesson prep, organization, and streamline your thought process. It will not help with your data tracking, progress monitoring, IEPs, or writing or implementing behavior plans or other specially designed instruction.
While I did not get as much out of the program as general education teachers would, Angela has great ideas and it helped me to cut my hours down by about 10 per week which makes the program well worth the cost. Thanks Angela!

Worth it–even for an organized high school teacher

Thanks to the club, I picked up some fantastic new habits (like the to-do lists) and tips that have really made a difference in my productivity at school (including creative new ideas for organizing my classroom). The club is definitely more geared toward elementary, so high school teachers, beware–you’ll have to do some translating for your situation. (For world language teachers out there, I was pleased to find that I could apply some of the elementary content to my French classes.) Overall, because I’m an experienced and already-fairly-organized high school teacher, I did feel some of the club content either didn’t apply or was old hat to me, and I think inexperienced teachers or teachers who really don’t come by organization naturally would get the most out the club. But I’m still thankful for the plethora of new ideas I did find and am glad I joined.