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There is so much information each month that I couldn’t keep up. As a veteran teacher, much did not apply and I am too busy to weed through each month. I felt it wasn’t worth it for me.

Need More Time!

While some of the topics seemed valuable, I found very little time to implement them. Starting in January may not have been the best decision for me, for I rarely had time to read and do the suggestions. I think beginning in July or even October would have worked better for me. Also, I noticed that a lot of the information did not apply to high school teachers and in particular teachers in non-subject areas.

  1. Take as much time as you need! 🙂 You keep your access to the membership site and Facebook group even when your year as a member is up. So, you can go back through at your own pace and review the things you missed. If you found that certain weeks weren’t as helpful for your particular teaching context (and I think that will be true for everyone), skip those materials altogether and you’ll have even fewer things you need to catch up on. Just focus your energy on the strategies that will make the biggest difference for you. If you want suggestions on adapting anything, let us know in the Facebook group and we’ll help.