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Just get your work done

The program is not useful. It is useful to some planning in the summer so you are ahead of the game. Use an electronic plan book, and adjust based on lesson outcomes so you have a skeleton to start off the next year.

Caveats–not for everyone!

There’s a wealth of good ideas here, but honestly, few were applicable to my context. I wrote the author about this a few weeks in. You don’t get a refund, so I’d say if you teach in high school and/ or in an independent school, most of this will not be useful to you, sadly. We have very different issues.

  1. I’m so sorry to hear this! Like most classes/courses, there is a cut-off point for how long you are able withdraw and get your money back. Our refund policy in place through August 15th, which gives you around 6-10 weeks to see if the club is a good fit, depending on what date you joined.

    I would encourage you to share more about your teaching situation in the Secondary Facebook Group. There are thousands of high school teachers in there who are successfully utilizing these strategies, and I am confident we can help you figure out some ways to begin streamlining. It’s definitely not too late, and I want you to feel like you’re getting the support you need. If you haven’t yet been added to the Facebook group, email us at [email protected] and we’ll get you in there to start collaborating.

    I am confident that there is nothing so unique about your teaching context that all the club strategies will be completely useless for you. EVERY teacher can simplify and streamline–it’s just a matter of tapping into the strategies that are right for YOU. We are here to support you in that!