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Worth every cent!

I left teaching four years ago due to burnout. I missed it and came back to education this past school year with a determination to find balance and create boundaries. 40 hour teacher work week made that possible. I had a wonderful first year back (even with the whole pandemic virtual learning). I love my job and I love 40htw!

No matter what content you teach, the club is the best resource for teachers!

I had used Angela’s free resources for a couple of years before taking the plunge last summer to join the club. As an elementary art teacher of 5 years, and as a mature person over 60, I know my strengths and weaknesses pretty well. My default is I want to do everything perfectly. Since I cannot- I am then prone to procrastination. Because I was familiar with Angela’s grace in reminding us not to go overboard and take on every tip, every week, I knew I would benefit from her realistic program of just taking one thing to work on. But the biggest benefit for me last year was the mindset of feeling good about making even small changes. A sincere Thanks to Angela for the club and her willingness to share her wisdom with us!

Fewer Things Better

This course offering came up on my emails so often I figured it was calling me. I took advantage of participating during a big transition after 21 years of teaching. I moved from an early childhood setting to an elementary school, still the same grade level but everything new…and a a smaller space.The BEST thing I’ve gotten from the course was an additional purchase….Angela Watson’s book called Fewer Things Better. I listened to it on Audible and let me tell you, it changed my life! It affirmed feelings I had and allowed me to let go and move forward. It’s so honest and real and helped me during a stressful reflective time! I now have materials to go back to…the coursework helps me with tasks and pacing through the year….and this year it was helpful to have the COVID19 materials and see how we, again,were all together in this, developing, rethinking, replanning….and of course Angela’s presentation of materials is outstanding. I have a lot to learn yet…so it’s good I can go back to materials and suggestions. It’s true…less is MORE and fewer things better. Love being on this journey with support.

It’s worth it!

I had read Angela’s books before joining the club and although I am not teaching in the USA, I had observed that, no matter where we live, we share most of the issues she is talking about. This is the reason why, after a short period of reflection, I decided to join the club. I do not at all regret my choice as I have found this membership very stimulating and challenging, the teaching ressources useful. I didn’t have the time to read everything, I will catch up later on, it’s not a problem. I am a veteran teacher who has never lost her motivation to go to school and teach her students and if it sometimes happens that I feel a little tired I read a few pages or recall some good and accurate advice Angela has been giving and it helps me a lot. Joining the club has been a great experience, it has widen my horizons.

Resources, resources, resources!

As a veteran teacher, what I appreciated most was the variety of resources introduced each month. Knowing that I would continue to have access to these resources even after I finished my yearlong class allowed me to consider the ideas and tips at a pace that worked for me, even allowing me to skip some months when needed. I imagine I will continue to visit the site and consult with my classmates for many years to come.

The club revolutionized my role as an educator

This club revolutionized the way I approach teaching, goal setting, and organizing my long-term vision. It was exactly what I was looking for after a very stressful and debilitating first year of teaching. I adored the structure, tips, and flexibility of the group, and it gave me hope that my passion for teaching can be sustainable. The strategies I learned allowed me to hold leadership positions that I wanted at my school without added stress, it gave me the courage to decline things I did not want to pursue, helped me rethink my assessment cycle with my students, it helped me prioritize time with my husband and for my passion projects, and I was able to adjust to online learning while being pregnant by applying what I had learned in the first 5ish months of the program. This club is worth every penny, and I will forever be grateful for my participation!!

Awesome program

Really amazing program, and completely worth it. The sheer volume of information which is applicable and timely is truely impressive, and helpful. And especially this year with the COVID-19 closures it was still really great as they adapted to the changing environment and shaped the trainings to our needs.

A long term investment in yourself

I eagerly began my work with 40HTW by eating up the new materials as they came and finding ways to make small changes here and there. I kept pace for the first few months, but then… winter where I teach was disrupted by contract negotiations which included days of picketing. That strain rolled together with winter weather closures carried on until the pandemic hit and schools closed. I definitely have not kept pace in the new year, but I’m still so happy I made the investment because I know that the materials are there for me whenever I decide to revisit them. There is no question that the advice and optional support network are well worth the investment, and even if life throws a curveball you can revisit later…access doesn’t expire. I will come back to the materials through the summer and continue to work on holding myself accountable for some balance in my work week. I definitely reduced my hours this year, and my students and family were all the better for it. I recommend 40HTW and wish I had it when I entered the profession. Every new teacher can benefit from this and many experienced teachers can pick up some great strategies and resources to help you re-examine where your time goes.

Productivity, Positivity, and Balance

The 40HTW changed my approach in the classroom and at home. By creating systems, batching, organizing and prioritizing, my to do list became more manageable and my instruction even more focused and intentional. I left school at the end of the day, physically and mentally. I was present at work and at home.. This was the most effective, and enjoyable, PD to help with my productivity, positivity, and balance.

Affirming and highly professional!

The encouragement and amazing, timely resources are a must have. The first month’s resources alone are worth the small investment.
Don’t miss Angela’s Truth for Teachers Podcasts! They are amazingly insightful as she helps you maneuver a very needed balance in your life, planning and teaching.