40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club Reviews

The 2020 cohort is now enrolling!

Sanity resumed

I’ve been teaching for 26 years. I’m pretty successful, but my world is often chaotic. I devote most of my energy and thoughts on the students. When I am in the moment with them, I try to be all there. That means I don’t know where my glasses, marker, papers, etc… often are. That leaves me asking students what I did with them. At the very start of my year, I felt a sense of calm. I was provided with a way to make sure I knew what I was doing. The lists of goals, the decisions of where to have items around the classroom, the planning to a much higher level are all probably great for someone who is hyper organized – but that’s not me. Because I had confidence that this program would work, I made myself stick to the plan and it paid off. Last year was one of the smoothest and most confident starts for me in my career. A friend of mine would ask, “What are we doing?” I had my list and my papers where I could find them. It was calming. The rest of the year (particularly the end) was harder to stick to the program, but the information was still good and something I can work in this year. I truly appreciate, and look forward to applying, the skills I was able to use last year. With the lack of certainty, I can make sure that I have it all set up so that flexibility is more calm and easier for me this school year.

Fantabulous resource!

I really enjoyed this club immensely. I was very excited to get my Saturday email to read and if I did not have time, I would listen to it on the go. I enjoyed the lists, planners and helpful advice like batching, Clocking my hours, classroom job applications and just learning some new strategies or websites to use. It really was a wonderful experience and I’m not a newbie here. I have been teaching for 18 years, but I am always looking for new things to learn and ways to improve my teaching. I highly recommend it! Great job Angela! 👏🏻👏🏿

The BEST PD you will find!

The 40 HTW club has truly changed my life. I joined last summer hoping for a better work/home balance. The club more than exceeded my expectations. Angela not only teaches you strategies to better manage and organize your work, but also helps you change your home habits and mindset too which has been invaluable. I love that the materials are available in text and audio formats. I usually listen to the audio on my way to work or on a walk and then check out the pdfs later for pictures and links. I love that once you join, you have access to the materials for life. This has allowed me to revisit topics at different points throughout the school year. The club has helped me decrease the amount of hours I work and increase the time I spend with my family and on activities I enjoy. I even purchased the Grad program to continue learning. If you are on the fence about joining, please go for it. This is the best money I have ever spent-I promise that this will be worth it! Don’t wait to change your life!

This is so helpful for new or long-time teacher

I have been teaching for 27 years and this club’s materials helped me organize and formalize all of the good things that I knew to do from experience but kept in my head. I love this club and I signed up for the graduate program because it has been so useful to me.

Incredible Amount of Helpful Resources

As a first year teacher, 40htw has helped me consider and grow in all aspects of teaching instead of getting too wrapped up in just a few areas. Indeed I had a challenging year, but so many trusted resources were recommended that it was not necessary for me to spend hours researching how to solve common problems on my own. I must add that not only are the resources plentiful, they are also very well organized and user friendly. The Facebook group has also been wonderful, because there are so many veteran teachers who have been in the club who are willing to offer advice. I am so thankful to continue to have access to the club, because there is still so much I need to learn!

Elementary Teacher-First Grade

While taking an online master’s program for elementary education, I was able to use this resource in some assignments as CPE. Also, I was able to show that I was intentional about being an effective teacher by using this resource. This has given me confidence in the quality of helps this program offers dedicated teaching professionals. Thank you so much!!!

Filled in the gaps I was missing from teacher’s training

I joined the Club at the beginning of my 3rd year as a teacher. I had always felt that my teacher’s training program had massive gaps – I was missing a lot of practice examples and ideas that I could actually put together in my classroom. We were always taught and told that class management was important, but not really taught HOW and what tools would actually REALLY help. I’ve always believed in Working Smarter, not harder, and I think this club has helped me getting these ideas, materials and examples I needed to have the choice of what I wanted to implement in my classroom.

I have recommended it to a few friends of mine, and some people I work with have gotten ideas from seeing me work and have started to look into joining the club as well.
200% recommend it!

Smarter Strategies that Worked!

I found the club to be sincere in trying to alleviate the burnout that many teachers experience year in, year out. With that in mind, it offered many strategies that make life easier for many teachers like me who are looking for other ways to do things that would normally make me feel exhausted by just thinking about it, such as grading and technology, to name a few. I wanted that—-to get the job done and add more to my life as a teacher!

I want other teachers to know that this is a place they can learn and get new ideas! These strategies did indeed made my life as a teacher easier because now, I know that there are smarter ways of doing it!


After 20 years, I needed a boost and help with a new direction, as I was changing grades and rooms. The club was a great place to start, to focus, get organized, and streamline procedures. I found myself using the materials steadily through the fall, then sporadically. I’m glad to have access to all materials which I’ve recently gone back to. I feel like I have a great resource that I’ve only begun to use.

Great club for managing time, streamlining, etc.

Overall, I loved the information sent each week, along with the downloadable and editable sheets, forms, etc., I especially liked that the club helped me structure my time. As with any information, some of it did not apply to me since I teach middle school (i.e, work centers, delegating tasks each week, etc.)