40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club Reviews

Want to join the July 2021 cohort?

Make this a priority

If you choose one thing to do this year, let it be this.

Work Week Club

It’s a great tool for new teachers. It is set up in a chunking format to help focus on needed topics throughout the year. It is also a great tool for veteran teachers as a point of reset.

Invest in yourself!

Like most things, the club is what you make of it. If you can put time towards it, you’ll get something out of it. Which was why I was hesitant 🙂 It sounded overwhelming to commit to something for a year, and especially given so many unknowns this year – oof! It’s true that this year was hard, but it was also nice to have an extra set of ideas, support, and resources to lean on – especially at a time when streamlining and reminding myself that a minimum viable product is enough was so valuable because I was so overwhelmed everywhere else in my life. Teaching every subject in an upper elementary grade is a lot, and even though we co-plan, I still spend most of my weekends grading and planning, to my own kids’ dismay. Plus this year I joined a new school and team (in a pandemic!!). I knew I needed help and guidance. If I continued to work the way I did my first year, I would be burned out before year 5.

The fact that everything is already broken down into small, manageable (and timely!) chunks, and knowing that the resources will always be available brought me so much comfort, as did Angela’s help to prioritize materials and make note of what members found the *most* helpful. If you’re someone who thrives with a support network, the FB groups is there and can be really inspirational. The best part is that even if you only spend a little bit of time, and only implement one or two things you learned from the club it can transform your life (trust me!). My whole team benefitted from what I learned, and we were all able to streamline together this year. I am excited to revisit many of these materials and resources next year to continue my growth and streamline even more. Now that I know the difference that just a few changes made, I am excited to tackle even more!

If you commute to work, I highly recommend downloading the audio files and listening in the car as it made everything SO accessible! Plus then it was top of mind as I was working. My teacher guilt, and my mom guilt, has diminished so much. Batching, setting aside uninterrupted time, focusing on the MVP, and organizing everything per your suggestions changed so much. Thank you, Angela and team! Now I can just ENJOY teaching!

Have no fear!

As a music teacher, I was skeptical about the club. So many times I’ll find something that sounds fantastic but just doesn’t work in my music classroom. What I love most about the club is it’s not subject/grade specific. There are components for elementary and components for secondary and I can use both, depending on if I’m planning for 6th grade or 8th grade.
Take the advice of Angela and DO NOT try to use everything all at once! You will feel overwhelmed. I picked one little thing to focus on per month and I’ll add to that this school year.
Club materials are available for life! Take the plunge! You won’t regret it!!

Game changer!

This program totally worked for me. The resources helped me streamline my thinking and processes, which gave me more time to be brilliant. I did not use everything because I knew I would get to those pieces next year. I’m a seasoned teacher, but there is so much here – some things helped me tweak my practice other resources helped me revamp my practice.
I look forward to using some of the resources I didn’t get to this year. I HIGHLY recommend it for any teacher who wants to take back more of their life and be a more balanced person for themselves, their family and the world around them. This profession deserves the best we have to offer, but we deserve the best of ourselves first and foremost – this program helped me prioritize myself first.

Make this a priority

If you choose one thing to do this year, let it be this.

The best teacher club ever

Angela Watson’s 40 hour teacher work week club has been amazing!!! I’m so glad I joined!! Angela’s weekly emails, her encouragement, practical advice and extremely useful materials have been a lifesaver!! I also love that I can listen to her in my car on the way to school. Her list making system has been fantastic for me.
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Angela Watson’s 40 hour teacher work week club!!!!!


As a new teacher starting my second year when I joined the cohort in July 2020, I was overwhelmed before school began due to not knowing what the year was going to look like amidst Covid. As we all know, the year was a challenge beyond words, but I was so glad that I had the resources available from 40htw. They were always what I needed at the moment as if they were designed for me. And, most of the time I didn’t know I needed it until I looked at them!… lol. I also liked that I could access them on my schedule and not worry about attending a virtual class. I also love that I have access to it forever! I am so grateful that I took the leap and joined the cohort. Now that summer is here I will really dig in deeper to prepare for the new year. I love knowing that I have 40htw in my back pocket as a resource. I would definitely recommend 40htw!

Say Yes!

During the formidable Covid year of hybrid instruction, I discovered incredible support when I needed encouragement the most. I feel grateful for the way Angela’s club bolstered my growth with practical instruction strategies and meaningful curriculum. What a deal! My PDL money was well spent.

No matter what you teach this is for you!

Using the 40 hour club has helped me feel more confident as an educator and has helped me break down my to-do list in to manageable tasks to keep me from being overwhelmed. I started using the club my second year teaching and it has helped immensely with organization, time management, and an smoother school year over all. Things in the club have helped me go from being paralyzed by my to-do list and spinning my wheels to using my time well and being much more productive. This club is absolutely worth it wether you are just starting out or if you have been teaching for a long time there are tons of ways to make your life simpler and more efficient. Not everything will work for you, but some will and those small changes will really add up to big results just like Angela says. So if you are on the fence, give it a try and see how much better it will make your teaching life!