40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club Reviews

Want to see before/after pics, stories, and testimonials from other teachers who joined?

The program makes a difference!

I have been on a career-long journey to learn work-life balance. After trying many strategies and services, I wasn’t easy to convince that 40HTW would be any different, BUT IT IS. Part of that is how practical and immediate the support is: it’s hands-on and “start today with this bit.” Part of it is Angela’s voice that enables me to talk back to the dysfunctional voice in my head; she really gets what issues and thoughts get in our way of successfully managing the work load. Even more important than gaining some hours, I no longer beat myself up with guilt for what isn’t done, nor feel that I have to martyr myself on the bed of nails that grading essays can be. While I have made more progress than with any other strategy or coach, I plan to revisit each lesson, month-by-month, in the coming year. I will build on the success I have had and double-down on two arenas that are my biggest obstacles. I wouldn’t have known what they are, let alone how to drill down on them, without Angela’s program. The cost was not easy for me but completely worth it, and I knew it would keep me engaged, attempting some part of each month’s lesson. How much would you pay for a few hours a week to call your own? Or for some peace of mind when you aren’t working? The program won’t work without you – you have to want the change – but I think that if anything you have seen looks like it might help, then you can count on it. I believe you will get more than you thought possible.


I’ve taught for over 25 years and have always tried to understand the “missing gene” of organization. This club has validated me as a teacher and has taught me how to embrace my starting point and move forward with sound practical steps. Each month’s topics are relevant to my world, my thought processes and my unique challenges. I am grateful that I am not alone. I wish I would have known all this 20 years ago but am inspired to move forward with new tools and skills.

Great Club, take your time!

I left the classroom for a year after moving from overseas. I felt overwhelmed at rejoining US public schools so I decided on my year off I would join this club. I loved the price of the club. I felt it was enough that I would take it seriously, but not so much that it was out of reach like most teacher trainings.
The main downsides to the club:
-If you are a relatively organized Type A person, most of this will be common sense or things you already know.
-It’s a lot of information and things to go through, especially during the school year.
The benefits of the club:
-There are so many resources!
-Even for us organized people, there are lots of ideas to try.
-The online community is positive and uplifting. No one trashing others, just people helping you adapt the curriculum to your context.
-The materials within the club are very organized.
-You have access to the materials forever, no need to save them and then try to go through them again. It’s all still on the site.
-The audio recordings of the PDFs were amazing because I could do household chores at the same time.
I personally suggest that you go through the club materials and implement one or two things and then go through the club the next year and implement more things. It’s way too much to be done in one year unless you are very motivated. I found it great to try to implement certain things around my house this year so that next year I am able to implement when I return to the classroom.

Do it BECAUSE you care

It is not an excuse to abandon necessary tasks. It IS a way to develop systems of efficiency and productivity to accomplish more in less time. This is for the high-achievers who want to excel in their craft without sacrificing their RIGHT to have a personal life outside of the school building. This is for the first-year teachers who don’t know where to start. This is for the novice teachers who recognize something needs to be adjusted in the way they are doing things. This is for the experienced teacher seeking validation about what their intuition has already told them are the best pieces of information to share with the next generation of teachers to help them thrive, not just strive.

Practical Information You Don’t Get From PD

I had been teaching for 8 years before joining the club. Then, during the pandemic, I switched from an interventionist to a classroom teacher role. I realized that all the organization and time-saving strategies I had developed as an interventionist didn’t work in a classroom setting. Instead of taking another 8 years to figure out my own system, I joined 40 Hour. It included all the things that we wish were a part of teacher education! I got behind during the year on 40 hr, so the best part is that the materials are always available. I plan on revisiting and reusing the materials over and over!


These resources made me truly rethink the ideas of work-life balance. I know that sounds cheesy and like something you have heard a million times… but it is so true. This club, the people, and the resources helped me feel better about doing less. It saved my sanity and my marriage (married to a nurse, who gets to “leave it at work”). From the checklists, to tech tools, to the space to be honest with yourself, this club is amazing. I even joined the graduate program so that I could keep getting new resources to manage my time and keep me from falling into old habits. Before I got married I was EASILY working 12 hour days. Now, for the most part, my average is closer to nine. Consider this as an investment in yourself and your practice. It truly does change your life.

Well worth every penny

The club gave me my life back! I was able to get my work done and not have to stay late after work to get it finished. I was able to focus and be productive. I was pregnant this past school year and the club helped me be organized for all the days I was out for appointments.

Very helpful, even for an Oldtimer

The information and ideas are very helpful even if you are very experienced. Summer is THE BEST time to let the ideas percolate and inspire.

Calmed the mental chaos

Ever since I had my own kids, I have been good at working close to my contract hours. Still, I felt like I was stressed all the time and like I could not relax & enjoy my job. The list-making system helped me schedule my priorities and let the rest go. I still get stressed, but I have confidence that if I work the system, the critical things will get done!

I also implemented several strategies for grading less or assessing kids on the spot that meant less outside work for me and was a catalyst for student motivation & growth mindset! Thanks 40HTWW!

Thumbs up to 40 hour teacher workweek club

I have found the foundations so helpful for keeping me positive and on track to make changes that help feel better about my teaching. I now use “small things add up” not just for school but to tackle home chores as well. Angela’s style of presentation is motivational and down to earth, encouraging my desire to maintain a balanced approach to my work.