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Any current or graduated member of the club is welcome to leave a review and let other teachers know what to expect.

Don’t Stress!

It’s okay to fall behind! I basically went full force for about 3 weeks, then didn’t look at the material for almost 2 months. I caught up at my own pace and used the podcasts to listen on my long commute. This helped a lot. Most of the material is extremely useful, even for experienced teachers, but I didn’t need all of it or I didn’t try to change it all at once. Sometimes we just need someone to break us from our tunnel vision.


The 40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club provided encouragement and support during a very tough year. I wanted to join the club the first time I heard about it on the Truth for Teachers Podcast; however, I did not realize how important it would become in the next few months. I experienced several personal challenges that made it necessary for me to reassess how I spend my time. The well-planned weekly materials provided just enough to give me strategies to become more intentional about many areas of my life.

One bit at a time

The club has been great, a lot of support and tips that can be applied no matter where you live or teach. It’s not a one time shot, it’s tips broken up into a manageable year, but that you can choose what to apply and when to apply it in your own life (I only focussed on my major areas this year and skipped some months altogether, and it helped, next year I’ll pick another couple of focusses to work on – I love how clearly it’s laid out, I don’t have to dig to find that golden post I saved for later!) I love that despite being a “1 year package” it’s a self-paced for life system and access.

Thank you

I appreciate the organization, advice, and resources. Teachers helping teachers is very powerful. The time that I’ve saved is so valuable.

Thanks Angela and my 40HTW Cohort!

The resources, strategies and collaboration in this club has helped me shift my mindset and create room in my schedule, thoughts, and classroom to enjoy the joys of teaching that were beginning to get buried under the struggles, work pressures, and negativity. Thank you!

This will change how you live.

To teachers who are considering the program and wondering whether it will be worth the personal expense and dedicated time, I say yes, yes, yes! This program changed how I lived my life. I learned to trust in my instincts as a teacher, use my time more efficiently and meaningfully while ALSO maintaining accountability for how I was using my time at work. I was able to separate my work life from my home life. My brain could finally rest, with only the occasional night dreaming about solving problems at work. I was able to enjoy spending time with friends and family without the guilt that came with being burdened with tasks that could only be completed outside of work hours.

I say all this as someone who was already organized, planned wonderful lessons, but was working in a school that left me with 3 hours and 50 minutes of unscheduled planning time on a 10-day schedule. Can you imagine the exhaustion, demoralization, and lack of energy that came with that situation? The 40 Hour Work Week Club changed all that. I was able to work only 40 hours some weeks, and other weeks, was able to limit the number of times I checked e-mails and set boundaries for responding to messages sent after work hours, and surprisingly, parents were STILL very happy with my work. This club is a self-help gift to teachers. We may not be highly paid civil servants, but we should not suffer doing the work that we love. Best of all, the 40 HTW Facebook group is the most supportive group that I have ever encountered. It is full of compassionate and generous colleagues who share their ideas and resources, freely. I love my work again, and I think that you will, too.

Permission to be Human

I primarily used the audio podcasts and the printable documents in the club. Prior to the club, I felt like I was incapable – the expectations were so high and I perceived my ability to keep up was so low. I couldn’t achieve it all, despite my many hours trying. The first thing I got from the club is “permission” to lower my own expectations and to find more effective ways of performing the tasks in ways that might demand less of me, but would not be apparent to others. I was a large part of my own problem – my expectations of myself were unreasonable and I needed to be told that it is ok that I am not perfect. I am a work in progress. My hours have been reduced and I would strongly state that my performance has not been reduced (at least not in ways that matter to others). I spend more time with my family and my weekends are largely my own now.

I found Angela’s approach to be very much non-judgmental and extremely supportive and encouraging. Most of what I have gained from my membership has not been subject or grade level specific. Occasionally there were topics that did not apply to my circumstances, or perhaps, my specific needs at that time, but there was so much contained in the club that did apply that those weeks allowed me to catch up. I was unable to take it all in the first year. I joined the Graduate Program and continued to reap the benefits of the continued support and materials. I am a huge supporter of this program for any teacher, at any level, for any subject, who needs permission to be human again!

A Calming Focus

I joined the club in January 2017. I was on Christmas break and pressure from school was tremendous and exhausting, I was panicking about returning to school, I was ready to leave. I saw Angela’s post and a sense of rlief came over me. I joined and slowly started to read and absorb ideas to help me organize, plan and think in a new way. I have not kept up each month, I am doing a review this summer but the changes in my teaching life were amazing. Despite this being one of my most stressful years, I maintained a calm and focus that I can attribute to my path in the club. It was life and career changing. Kmd

Read the Reviews–Right from the horse’s mouth!

As I perused the previously written reviews, I sighed with relief. This was money well spent. And I know I can go back to these insightful materials at any time and gather more small changes that create big results. I was one of those who started in January and “got busy.” Unfortunately not with club materials! Angela planned for this, too! It was easy to get back on board and catch up with what I wanted to learn. Use what you want and these changes will encourage you to jump back into the materials and make your life even better!

You’ll receive your $’s worth & more!

This is an investment in yourself that is worth every penny and more! The resources Angela shares are literally worth the cost but remember time is money…even if you cut back only one hour (you’ll easily do this 5 fold) per work week, you’ll have recouped your investment before Winter Break! Having lifetime access to the club materials is another perk…just like Angela’s books, I’ll be referring to them over and over for years to come.