40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club Reviews

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Any current or graduated member of the club is welcome to leave a review and let other teachers know what to expect.

Well Worth It!

I was hesitant, but I’m so glad I went for it and joined the club. I didn’t think I’d have enough time, and I didn’t, but having access after the club ends is a saving grace. I will keep going back to the materials this year to refresh my memory and look for untapped resources and ideas. The lists, calendar, and agenda ideas were fantastic and life changing! I adapted what I needed. I am still using methods given to us. We all know how to use lists, calendars, and agendas, but Angela takes us to the next level of being even more mindful and organized, giving time back to ourselves. I’m so grateful to have taken the leap!

Excellent for preparing a return to the classroom!

I taught chemistry for nine years and when it was time to leave due to a family move, I was completely burnt out and exhausted all the time. I came to the club in search of ways to prepare myself for a more balanced and effective routine for when I return to the classroom. I can’t express enough how incredible the resources have been! Each week’s materials gave me an opportunity to reflect, reevaluate, and revamp what I had been doing at my previous school. I sat down with my old syllabus, materials, routines, and procedures and I reworked them into a more organized, productive collection that I can put to work right away. I see more opportunities to build relationships and community within the classroom. More importantly, I’ve learned ways that I can still be the best version of my teacher self without compromising my home and family life by setting boundaries — something I did not do before!

Just what I needed

As a first year teacher there are so many things to do and so many things to learn. It is definitely an overwhelming feeling. I quickly learned that there had to be a better way. I am so grateful I found Angela’s club because it helped me organize my school life a lot better. I was able to cut back on many hours staying after school. Very grateful!! Thank you for your simple straightforward strategies that we can apply immediately!

2 Thumbs Up

I’m the type of person who is great at getting organized but have difficulty staying organized. I joined this club to help with that. I have found many of Angela’s strategies helpful in minimizing and streamlining my work. I went through most of the material in a timely manner and integrated a few of the ideas each time. You can’t expect to incorporate everything every month. Don’t even try. I’m starting over with July materials this year and will be adding more. One of the unexpected surprises was all the free TPT materials. I also love that you can either read or listen to the presentations (great for when you’re sitting in the car wash or at the gym on the tredmill). I’ve recommended this to all my teacher friends. It’s worth every penny.

This Club Helped Me Develop Better Boundaries

This is worth the investment, strategies are gathered from many teachers, and you can pick and choose which suit you.

A God-send for veteran teachers

I just finished teaching year 41.5. Seriously. 41.5 years. The 40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club gave me back my LIFE outside the classroom, as well as making teaching joy-filled again. Prior to the Club, I was despairing. What a vitamin shot this program is! And no guilt if I am in a busy time/performance season because catching up is easily done. (I prefer the old school method – print out the monthly overviews and keep them in a binder). I will review and use the resources for years to come (3 years until retirement, maybe!).

Reformed workaholic

Even though this was my 7th year teaching, I learned so much from the club! This club not only improved my teaching, but also my personal life outside of work. The club helped me form boundaries around my time so that I worked more efficiently and was able to enjoy more time and more quality time with my family and friends. I’d recommend the club to anyone, no matter how long they’ve been teaching.

Even worth it for Elective Teachers!!

I am an elective (photography) teacher and it is always a struggle to find things that “fit” for my class. Even though not all of the club material does, there have been some great things that has helped me SO MUCH to make the money worth it AND I have only gotten through the first 4 months of the program. That is another great thing about this club…when you get overwhelmed, you can always come back to it when you can. I know that once I am able to get through all the material, I am going to be able to run my classroom with so much more efficiency, that overwhelm will be a thing of the past.


This was well worth the money! I did not implement everything this year! I picked a few things each month to focus on and implement! I am changing jobs in the Fall but these resources are invaluable! I’ve made a notebook of all the weekly notes and will now go back and pull even more resources! It was great motivation for a teacher of 25 years!

Less Overwhelm

Not only did I reduce my hours of work, but for me the greatest benefit was the reduction in feeling overwhelmed. Because there was a plan in place to get things done, I felt much more in control and less stressed on how I was going to get everything done.