40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club Reviews

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Any current or graduated member of the club is welcome to leave a review and let other teachers know what to expect.


When I joined the club, I was at the point of I can’t keep doing this without pulling my hair out. I was at constant stress and sleepless nights. What I have learned and I am using is the idea of when I am at school be at school. Work and not get distracted by fellow teachers, email, Facebook… I use the weekly to do list to help keep me focused on what I am doing before school, during prep times, after school, and at home. I also use the strategy to do the thing you don’t want to do first. Once that one thing is done, I feel so accomplished that I am ready to get more done during the day.

This Club is Amazing for Every Teacher!

The 40HTW Club is a lifesaver for all the teachers out there who are struggling to cope with the ever increasing demands of education. It is loaded with practical ideas that teachers can begin using immediately to make a difference in their lives.

Finding Balance

I am a really good teacher, but I had been wearing myself out to keep the lesson plans, grading, and parent communication flowing. This club is helping me find balance between my life and my career. With Angela’s help, I am getting better at both!


I started the club in July and immediately put to work the organization tips for the beginning of the year! Little did I know all the tips and small changes would help me when my father-in-law was severely burned August 21st. I really don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t had in place many of the tips from the 40 hrs workweek! I have had to spend many weekends at the hospital and not able to be in my classroom and with the tips and ideas from this group I have made it through a very difficult time. My father-in-law is recovering but still has a long way to go but I am able to balance my time between work and family. I don’t feel overly stressed and still feel like I am giving my students the best of me! Thanks, Angela!

well worth it

Program is well organized and run. You’ll get out of it what you put in. As a veteran teacher I was skeptical at first, but found once I made time to use the materials; they were very valuable and useful. The course made me step back and really evaluate a lot about my practice. I made changes and feel less stressed.
I got back the balance between my work and my home life. A balance I haven’t had in 23 years!.

Worth the Cost

I’m definitely glad that I joined the club. The materials alone make it worth the cost. Having been a teacher for 25 years, I still find things that I can improve on, two being time management and organization. The club is helping me in both of these areas, which in turn, I feel, makes me a better teacher.

Organizational Structure

Being a member of this club taught me how to classify or organize the different areas of my teaching that I need (or want) to have a plan for. It also taught me how to prioritize how to spend my planning time so I’m using it most efficiently. Also, during this program I realized that there is no such thing as “taking a quick look” at social media. Angela has suggestions for how to manage social media and other distractions that teachers are faced with. I started using an online plan book ( as a result of one of many of Angela’s recommendations. The online planbook has pretty much saved my teaching life!

Helpful practices

Batch printing is the best. It saves you so much stress. No need to run to the copier 30 minutes before school starts and trying to play beat the clock. Also, I enjoyed the pictures of how to set up your classroom for the year so many helpful ideas on how to start your year organized. This is a big head ache relief. I also enjoyed the information on how to train your students so that you can get to work with them in small group settings.
I also use the strategy 2 by 10 to work with difficult students and build relationships. I also liked the focused 45 minute sessions to make the most work done with limited time.


This club has helped me streamline not only my life at school, but also my life at home. I love that the information is presented in manageable chunks and that I will be able to go back through the materials again in future years to continue becoming even more productive. When I’m at school I feel like I hear Angela whispering in my ear, reminding of the tidbits that I have learned. I rarely bring work home anymore and have found I am happier and more content all-around. The list-making system and the mindset shifts in general on how I approach teaching have been the greatest help to me!


Through the club, I am learning to prioritize and be more focused. As I set boundaries around my personal time and work time, I have found a peace and enjoy my personal time without guilt for not working all hours.