40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club Reviews

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Any current or graduated member of the club is welcome to leave a review and let other teachers know what to expect.

Game Changer

Regardless of the amount of years you have been teaching this program has something for you.

The Best Thing I Ever Did For My Teaching Career

The 40htw has been an inspiration when I’ve needed a pick-me-up. It’s been an essential tool in getting myself more organized. I am much more efficient in my teaching life. And the best part, it’s a time saver! I have a teaching resource that has the best practices and every possible topic you can think of, all a click away. It was well worth the money to join the initial club and the graduate program. I also LOVE Angela’s podcasts. Just discovered those recently. They all are so helpful and oh so practical. If you are on the fence about it, do it! You won’t be sorry.

Excellent PD, Time saver, Well worth the Investment.

This PD is self paced. You not only get lots of helpful tips and tricks for your teacher toolbox, you get tons of resources from TPT. This is the best PD ever. I like the fact that it is self paced. It saved me about 5-7 hours a week. Well worth the investment. I love the podcasts. I can listen to the PD in my car. You will not be disappointed. Angela puts her heart and soul into helping other teachers. I am so thankful and grateful for being a part of this club. I even extended and signed up for the Grad program. I love. Can’t say enough about this club.

Risk vs Return

What do you have to lose? Not even a few bucks, because the club membership is satisfaction-guaranteed.
What do you have to gain? Insights, re-assurance, time-saving and sanity-saving easy-to-implement ideas, and a generous and supportive fb community. If you are serious about improving your teaching and your work/life balance, this is your secret weapon. Sure, you could ask your colleagues questions ad nauseam, but I prefer the 40htw Club.

You will not regret joining!

Even though I didn’t have time to go through all the club materials, I picked out the pieces that I needed most and that has made a huge impact on how I use my time at school. I quickly saved more than 10 hours a week just by implementing some of the strategies from the club. I like that you get to keep your access to the materials forever so I can continue to learn from them at my own pace.

Small changes add up to big results!

The principles and tenets of the club will help you make changes to your routines, and challenge you to really think about every aspect of your teaching. If you’re struggling to find time for everything you have to do…if you’re wondering if restructuring some of your systems (or implementing new ones) will be worth the effort…if you want practical advice, steps to initiate mindset shifts, and support from fellow teachers — this club has it all!

Worth it!

I found the club to be very helpful during a difficult year. The facebook group is an incredibly encouraging community with lots of great suggestions or just support when you need it. The club is structured in a way that makes it easy to jump back in if you lag behind. It comes with many practical ideas for small changes that make a big impact, and there are often useful resources included as well. I think I’m a better teacher for having joined.

New Year, New Me!

This club has been incredibly helpful in guiding me to rethink, refocus, and realign my priorities. I have learned how to structure my time to accomplish the things that are most critical to my students’ success, and I have learned how to schedule in time for me to complete things that are important to me!

The Guide By the Side

Every month there have been little surprises to inspire or challenge me in how I face my profession. But pleasant surprises withstanding as a veteran teacher what I have appreciated most is feeling like someone is helping get and keep on track. I have found it easy to get distracted in tangents year after year, even with the best intentions, but having a weekly check-in has really help me navigate the less important distractions and good intentions that have sucked the life right out of my personal life. It’s like having a mentor coach keep me on track to make the best use of my time and recapture some “me” time.

You’ll never outgrow this program!

I joined the 40 HTW club as I returned to teaching after taking an 8-year break to stay home with my children. I was nervous about the work/school balance since I had never taught and been a mom at the same time. This club was just what I needed. I looked forward to Angela’s weekly emails to see what small ideas I could implement or mind shifts I needed to make. I still haven’t implemented every idea, but after 2 years in the program, I have a never-ending well of knowledge to draw from. I regularly listen to the audio content as I clean my house to remind myself what to focus on. Just like students need a spiral review to remember things, I need to be reminded of what to do to be a better teacher. I’m grateful I can review the content any time I need to. I am a better teacher and mom because of the 40 HTW club.