40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club Reviews

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Any current or graduated member of the club is welcome to leave a review and let other teachers know what to expect.

Game Changer!

This club has been one of the best investments I have made. I was on the verge of leaving the profession, in part because of the number of hours I was working. What I have learned has been so valuable. The printouts and TPT resources have been very helpful also.

I’ve gotten my weekends back and many if my evenings. My family is greatful!

Don’t try to do it all. Choose what you need most right now.

Thank You!

Thank you so much for all the great ideas! I have been teaching for 25 years. Through the club I found new idea to help me organized my classroom. I also found easier and faster ways to get the work done so I can relax on a school night and not have to spend 2 hours working at home.

Sanity saver

I joined this club right before I switched grade levels. It saved my sanity. There was so many good ideas for how to set up my classroom for success. I was able to get better organized and set boundaries around my work hours. There was a lot of information and it was helpful to know I didn’t have to do it all in the first year our lose it. I have time to go back over the material because I’m a life long member. The other part that was helpful was being part of the online community. I could ask questions and get feed back and advice from so many veteran teachers with such differing ideas and thoughts. This club was worth every penny and I always recommend it to teacher friends and family!

Helped an organized teacher become much more efficient!

I’m a naturally organized person and teacher. I initially joined the club because I wanted to find a better work/life balance. Throughout, the course of this year Angela, the club, and the Facebook group has helped me find the balance I was looking for, I was able to cut my hours worked (and not feel guilty about it!), learned to create efficient lists, and set up boundaries for myself (I stopped saying yes to everything!). I learned to recognize how much time I was actually wasting at work, and by making small changes I was really able to be much more efficient! I’m so happy I joined the July 2018 cohort, I learned and gained so much more than I thought was even possible!

A Resource Cornucopia

The club is a smorgasbord of ideas, supports, encouragement and mentoring all in one. I selected the areas where I needed help and focused on those. The good new s is there are resources that I did not use that I can go back to at any time. It is beneficial in any part of your teaching career.
One caveat: It is most beneficial to public school teachers. NAIS Schools are run somewhat differently. There were some parts that simply did not apply to me because I teach in an independent school were things are just done differently. 75% of it was relevant and I highly recommend it.

Work-Life Balance Achieved

This club has revitalized my career! I have been teaching for 19 years and have been saying for years that I need to find balance between work and family. I thought I would have to always do work at home, and quite frankly, I found myself becoming resentful of a career I’ve always loved. This club gave me the life I couldn’t figure out how to achieve on my own. Now I set me hours to work and achieve all of my work within those designated hours. I don’t even grade work at home anymore (quite the accomplishment for a middle school ELA teacher)! This club has been a game-changer. If you’re on the fence about joining, waffle no longer. You won’t regret it!

Well worth it!

This club is well worth the time and money. This is my first year diving into it, but I hope to go back through my club resources more this next year.


This is a game changer in my teaching! I have learned valuable lessons, recieved encouragement (by hearing that what I am doing is what others are finding helpful), and implemented time-saving tips. I go through this with a friend so we keep each other accountable and I regularly recommend this to my teaching friends and colleagues. There is so much to absorb that I could re-do this course each year and refine my skills whilst saving more time to do what matters most.

Worth the money

If all I used this club for was the free printables and activities that Angela shared, it would totally be worth my money. I genuinely looked forward to my Saturday morning e-mails and have tried to incorporate as many strategies as possible. Sometimes it’s easy as teachers to fall into a rut of complaining and seeing everything that is wrong with our educational system. Angela reminds you why you started teaching and focuses on what you can control and she does all this with a very positive outlook. I would definitely recommend this club!


This club has streamlined many tasks for me, improved my organization, helped me keep track of tasks to complete, and provided me new tools and templates to make these changes. I feel like in my first year I took baby steps in changing some less-than-efficient habits, and starting new ones. I look forward to adding more ideas from the club next year!