40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club Reviews

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Any current or graduated member of the club is welcome to leave a review and let other teachers know what to expect.

Start now

One of the messages expressed throughout the program was to start now, don’t wait for next year. Waiting until next year for everything you learn in the program would be overwhelming at the beginning of the year and you would forget. Besides starting now with the right communication usually can only be beneficial to the students you currently have. All the material is well thought out and well planned. This program gives concrete approaches that benefit both teachers and students. Just do it!

shifting your mindset about time

There is a plethora of club resources, podcasts, FB posts, and other folks you can connect with…and it can all be overwhelming. However, there is no pressure or expectation for you to do it all and you get to set your own pace which may be good or bad depending on you. I’m the type that needs to process before implementing and can’t do too many things at once. Knowing that I have a lifetime membership helped me focus on the 1-2 things I wanted to work on this year and use the club resources to do them better; and next year, I’ll be focusing on something else.

The most valuable thing in my first year was fixing my mindset about my time: “saying yes to one things means no to something else”, doing “Fewer things, Better”, and to be intentional. I am a mother of 3yo and he just started sleeping through the night. I used to grade/prep after dinner when all he wanted was to play with me, then I helped with bedtime trying not to fall asleep myself, then stay up after he went to bed to grade papers or prep, and then wake up tired the next day…Rinse, repeat. But Angela helped me see how AND WHEN to prioritize my family and my work. I found a routine that enabled me to spend time with my husband and son after work, sleep 7 hours, and get 1.5 hours of grade/prep done on a daily! It was WIN, WIN, WIN for us.

Another crucial mindset shift about time and work habits was acknowledging that I am a “marathon worker” and when my “grading seasons” take place to create a schedule/routine around that; it saved my relationship with my husband, who used to hate my random work ours. Now he know what to expect and even helps in making time for me to grade on the weekends.

There are many specific club resources (like the task lists!) that helped me create a successful year but shifting my mindset about time was my biggest hurdle. Once I overcame that, the club resources helped me hone in on putting my systems into place and I believe that is when they can be most useful.
I definitely recommend joining…it is worth the time investment.

New Teacher, establishing the right mindset early!

As a newer teacher, I’ve seen so many other teachers who were submerging their entire lives within their careers. They took home hours and hours of work – and more importantly, days full of stress about that work. I joined 40htw as way to combat that, and it worked really well. The club helped me to set healthy priorities and to pushback against cultural expectations in my school that were maybe not as productive as they could be. Overall, this was a great investment of my time and money.

Best Club EVER

Joining this club a year ago was one of my best career decisions. Every Saturday, I was super excited to listen to the podcast while folding my laundry (ha!). The club content has given me a new energy and enthusiasm for teaching because I found every week got me closer to my goals when I applied the strategies. I just wish I had joined years ago!

I Will Continue to Use the Resources

The readings and resources were a big help in starting the year off right. This was my second year at my new school and so the combination of the familiarity and the club resources really made things easier. Around Christmas time, I stopped keeping up with the readings and only went back to look at things if I found I was struggling in a particular area. Next year I will move to a new position and the work load already seems daunting. I have saved all the readings and plan on using them again to help me make a smoother transition. Everything that was provided was useful and of great quality. I highly recommend it!

Wow! Little changes add up!

I found the club to be super useful. I liked how it is separated out into weekly emails/PDFs/tools. I also love that it has an audio version of every week’s tips. It helped me to listen to the tips and decide what to hold onto, and then decide what to dig into as the week went on. Every week Angela encourages you to pick one idea and implement it. I can’t believe how much impact one little thing each week had on my overall year. I feel more in control of my time, decisions, and the direction of my daily actions.

Exactly what I needed!

This club is exactly what I needed. It gave me a fresh perspective on teaching and is inspiring me to stay in the classroom for the time being. I was worried about being able to adapt the content to Pre-Kindergarten, but I have found that most things are easily differentiated for my age group. I have also been able to use the Facebook group to field questions when I’m not sure how to make something work in my context. The club has been well worth the money and time I have invested into it.

My Family Deserved More of My Time

This club will give you the tools that you need to take back your evenings and weekends. You can be an amazing teacher and have a life outside of school that isn’t consumed by lesson planning, answering emails, and grading.

Well Worth It!

I was hesitant, but I’m so glad I went for it and joined the club. I didn’t think I’d have enough time, and I didn’t, but having access after the club ends is a saving grace. I will keep going back to the materials this year to refresh my memory and look for untapped resources and ideas. The lists, calendar, and agenda ideas were fantastic and life changing! I adapted what I needed. I am still using methods given to us. We all know how to use lists, calendars, and agendas, but Angela takes us to the next level of being even more mindful and organized, giving time back to ourselves. I’m so grateful to have taken the leap!

Excellent for preparing a return to the classroom!

I taught chemistry for nine years and when it was time to leave due to a family move, I was completely burnt out and exhausted all the time. I came to the club in search of ways to prepare myself for a more balanced and effective routine for when I return to the classroom. I can’t express enough how incredible the resources have been! Each week’s materials gave me an opportunity to reflect, reevaluate, and revamp what I had been doing at my previous school. I sat down with my old syllabus, materials, routines, and procedures and I reworked them into a more organized, productive collection that I can put to work right away. I see more opportunities to build relationships and community within the classroom. More importantly, I’ve learned ways that I can still be the best version of my teacher self without compromising my home and family life by setting boundaries — something I did not do before!