40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club Reviews

Want to share your experiences?

Any current or graduated member of the club is welcome to leave a review and let other teachers know what to expect.

Save your sanity! Work/Life balance.

The 40 hour a week club will help you set priorities and balance your work/home life so that you have time for both. It will help you trim your work life so that you are more productive.

Primary headteacher view

I have used many things from the club. Some things I’ve put into place straight away, like the planning sheets and others, like last months homework I have put in my long term plan to work towards long term change for all my team. The advice is the best I have ever seen and so accessible, it doesn’t take long to listen or read each week and certainly does not seem like work because it is if such benefit.

A reasoned voice

Teaching in an English grammar school, I wasn’t certain that the 40HTW club would really be applicable to what I do, but I had gained so much from Angela’s books that I wanted to try anyway. I am very glad I did. Our terms/semesters may be different, and we may use different dialect to describe what we do, but I have garnered so much sensible advice from the programme and have implemented the organisational and planning materials into my classroom already.
While I am a lurker, reading but not really participating in the Facebook discussions, I have also gained some fantastic ideas from other teachers. I sometimes also head there after a rubbish day, just as a reminder that I’m not alone.

PD for all teachers: New or experienced

I am a teacher of 20yrs experience and Angela’s 40hr club content is very appropriate in educational topics, practical advice in dealing with common teacher dilemmas, super organisational tips and excellent resources with templates, visuals etc I really look forward to the podcasts at my own pace at the start of every week. I have implemented most of her tips to date and I’ve only been in the club for 6mths. Angela is like a mentor I’ve never had as she gives me actions to do to keep me reflecting on my practice. I have a long way to go to reducing my hours but her club is not only value for $ but a reassuring companion only a click away.

Why not sooner?

I’m not sure how I ran across the club, social media of some sort I’m sure, but I sure wish I would have discovered it MUCH SOONER in my career. This is my 14th year of teaching and for the first time I feel I can leave school at a reasonable time, not worrying about the next day and really focus on my personal needs and family! For the past 10 years there was a lingering sense of guilt that hung over my career because I felt that I was “living” at school or bringing so much of it home I wasn’t giving the attention needed to my 1st job; wife and mother. The clubs structure, support and flexibility were a perfect fit for me! Despite the fact that after the 1st quarter of school I was seriously picking and choosing and quite frankly, dumping those weekly emails into an email folder for “later reading”, I am confident I will make time for it later using the basic advice from the very beginning! The largest impacts for me were the classroom mapping and list making system and they have been “game changers” for me. If you still question, “Is this really worth the money?”, I would start asking more specific questions because I waited a year before joining, and I couldn’t stop thinking about how I wanted to make a change, a lifestyle change, and this was a large portion of how I made it happen for us!

It’s like a curriculum-you take what you want out of it!

This club can be very beneficial. Depending on what you need, you can spend whatever time in areas that would benefit you. Lots of resources!!

Great Information Month After Month

This is a great club! Every month I learn something (usually many somethings) that help me both in my classroom and in my personal life. Angela’s resources are invaluable and she creates a “no judgement” environment. It’s truly been a fantastic experience!

Worth the Investment!

The club has really helped rejuvenate my teaching. I was drowning in piles and too much to do. The club has helped me prioritize what’s important and helped me be more organized. The self directed nature of the materials is very manageable and the advice is practical. It has been time and money well spent.

I was skeptical

The thing is that I actually considered myself to be pretty efficient 🙂 and actually did not spend more than 40 or a little over for my work. I did have time for family and my hobbies. The second point of skepticism came from my experience of books/blogs/articles about teaching. I am into this profession and read about education on permanent basis. Many ideas there are interesting and… that’s it. I mean that I have only a few books/ very rarely blogs with applicable and actually working ideas. However, I decided that I do not lose anything by joining as if I do not like it I will quit.

When I was listening the first episode about grading I was in a kind of mode – “I know that I am efficient in grading: I do it quickly, not often, throw away if I see that grading does not make a point, use self grading a lot. Let me see if there will be smth new.” And right away, in the very first episode, I heard the great idea about assigning numbers to students to reduce time for entering! I need to mention that the process of entering grades always frustrated me: looking for name of a kids in the list is not fun. I checked with Facebook group how people deal with new students and start to use it right away! I was just… wow! Second thing was Groovy grader app. Also very wow! And after that in almost every episode I find smth to start to use right away! I also love the idea of implementation of one thing at a time.

I am very impressed of the quality of materials in the club and advice in the Facebook group. I am recommending the club to all my fellow teachers. and I am truly believe that the money I spend is the best investment I ever did in my professional development.

Thank you very much!

Source of Hope for My Sanity

This club tackles so many different aspects of the administrative tasks required of teachers! Some strategies I already knew (mostly from Pinterest) but there are others that I had never thought of. The most important part was the encouragement and support Angela gave in letting me know that it was okay to invest in my own quality of life rather than stressing myself out trying to do everything for everyone. This club will save your life in small ways whether you are new to teaching, having a mid-career crisis, or nearing retirement!