40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club Reviews

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Any current or graduated member of the club is welcome to leave a review and let other teachers know what to expect.

Try it! You’ll love it!

There’s sooooo much! I’m at the end of my first year in the program and am just now digesting all of the information. I know will do a great job implementing even more next school year.
The FB group is worth the membership alone. I love having a closed resource where I can ask questions about teaching.


This was well worth the money! I did not implement everything this year! I picked a few things each month to focus on and implement! I am changing jobs in the Fall but these resources are invaluable! I’ve made a notebook of all the weekly notes and will now go back and pull even more resources! It was great motivation for a teacher of 25 years!

Destress and enjoy teaching.

The resources that help me focus on my priorities and understand all teachers are in the same boat that I’m in has been very reassuring.

Worth every penny!!!

I love that the club is accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week, on my time. To say that this club saved my sanity this year would be an understatement. It is worth every penny and the best professional development I have ever invested in.

Priceless resource!

This year-long club is the best professional development I could have asked for! I love how Angela gives pdfs as well as recordings in order to suit different learning styles. The Facebook group is also so great and supportive. Thank you so much Angela!

Incredibly Valuable!

The resources and practical monthly focus on different aspects of teaching pulled me up out of the “trenches” and allowed me to reflect and truly evaluate my practices. The positive encouragement of the 40 HTW club has been a balm for my worn down teacher’s soul. The real life examples from other teachers and the step by step suggestions for addressing procedures, classroom organization, lesson planning, and efficient grading/assessment (plus much more!) has rejuvenated how I teach and how I feel about teaching. Next year will be my 21st in middle school—I’m excited about implementing even more of the strategies I learned this year.

I Failed a Wonderful Program

Go with the “if you do one thing”, and work from there. Yes, master teachers know how to work overtime, BUT that does not mean that 60+ hours is a badge of excellence. BTW, you can try it again, and again until you have settled into a realistic and balanced work week.

Worth Every Penny!!

As a 42 year old, mother of 6, I felt completely overwhelmed heading into my 1st year of teaching. I was extremely worried that my children would feel neglected as I waded through my first year in the trenches. Fortunately, I stumbled onto this program and thought, “It can’t hurt. The membership fee is a small price to pay if it buys me time with my family.” And that’s exactly what it did! My contract hours are 7:30 – 3:30, and after the first few months, that’s about what I was working. Most days I arrived home before my children! Angela taught me how to efficiently set up my classroom and keep things self-running. I looked forward to her weekly podcasts, and everything seemed to come exactly when I needed it. I have referred this program to fellow teachers who have marveled at the way I’ve been able to step into things so comfortably. It was definitely the best money I could have spent heading into my teaching career. Thank you, Angela!!

Life Saver

The club is worth much, much more than the cost! I’ve been teaching 30 years and, as time went on, I found I was working MORE. New teachers were having an easier time with efficiency than I was. Every single week, I learned many useful, practical concepts that helped me to look at my job as more pleasant and less overwhelming. I’ve been the gym several times per week and have less stress.

Trust the process

When I first discovered the 40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club I was both excited and skeptical. All good teachers work very hard and are time strapped. I didn’t want another “magic wand”, so I took my time reading about the resources, reading reviews, thinking and reflecting about what I need to be better and eventually joined the July 2018 cohort. What I most love about Angela’s club is that she truly under-promises and over-delivers. I found a lot of things I could apply to my teaching situation right away (better organization, time management, creative lesson ideas) and there is more to discover and uncover. One of the best things is that you get a lifetime membership so you can go back and dig into resources you don’t have time for during the school year. Summer is the great reflection and learning time for me and I am taking time to learn, savor and apply the many ideas. By the way, the numerous TPT bonuses are icing on this very rich professional development cake! All learning takes courage – Angela, like all great teachers, will ENCOURAGE you. Well worth the investment.