40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club Reviews

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Any current or graduated member of the club is welcome to leave a review and let other teachers know what to expect.

Help that has brought hope!

Even thought I got really far behind on the weekly “lessons” and still need to do a lot of catch-up, I definitely found some great strategies that I haven’t seen anywhere else. I can’t wait to get caught up so I can be even more effective, productive, and hopefully more relaxed! I was experiencing so much work-related anxiety when I started the program and the few changes I have made so far have been helpful.

Worth the investment (time & money)

If life seems overwhelming and that you’ll never get ahead, or if you’ve bought into the lie that to be a teacher, you must devote all of your time to your craft, this club is for you. The club is full of truth to help you understand your predicament and you’ll start to believe that there is a better way. In addition, you will receive practical, immediately applicable ideas, life hacks, materials, and encouragement weekly to help you get started on your journey to take your life back.

A Game Changer

I want other teachers to know that this club has given me back so much time and influenced the way my classroom works. It has gotten me organized, given me new ideas, and changes the every day aspects of my classroom. Many of the changes were minor, but over the course of time they have truly added up. It was well worth the time and investment.

Best PD I’ve ever taken

The 40 hour teacher work week club has so many resources and time saving tips and tricks. I went from working 12 hour days for 7 years straight to leaving work on time 4 days a week. If you love the podcast like I do, you’ll love the club even more!

Worth every penny!

Participation in the club was life changing for me. My hours at school decreased from about 55 hours a week to about 43 hours a week. I finally feel like I have a life outside of school!

Helpful and full of time savers

This club does take time to read or listen to the tips and content, but with the goal of time savings. So find a day/ time to make it a habit to read or listen each week or at least once each month!

Not Too Good to Be True

The list-making system and Facebook page are worth the subscription alone. I was skeptical about the club at first, because Angela’s promise seems too good to be true and I’m a bilingual school teacher in China, but honestly I’ve become much more efficient with just implementing a few strategies here and there. And knowing I have access to go back and try the strategies on my own time is so reassuring.

Excellent investment

I was a bit skeptical that podcasts could save me time, but I am a believer now. The advice to just take one piece of information each week to improve your efficiency is great advice to follow…as Angela shares a plethora of ideas. She includes photos to help you understand organization of your desk, book area, room, etc, and plenty of relevant “handouts” to assist the streamlining of grading, communication, planning, etc.

Excellent Decision

I was unsure whether to join because I didn’t fit the typical recommended profile. I joined anyhow, and am really glad I did. I adopted several of the systems and find things are running much smoother. Best of all, my teaching effectiveness increased despite the decrease in work hours. Overall, joining was an excellent decision.

This wasn’t that helpful for me.

On the whole, I don’t feel like the club was that helpful for me. I did really appreciate the information given at the beginning as bonus material, but I found very few tips that actually saved me any real time. I am still incredibly overwhelmed with the amount of work involved in teaching and in the time it takes me to feel like I am even doing a semi-competent job. I felt like most of the tips were for elementary school teachers. They didn’t offer any practical advice for things like grading 120+ essays. I also find it difficult to access any of the resources in the teachers pay teachers sections that were provides as content for club members. I have no idea how to actually purchase the content without paying for it separately.

  1. I’m so sorry to hear you weren’t able to make full use of the club’s resources yet! No worries—I’ll explain how to get everything you felt was missing and you’ll never lose access to the materials, so you can go back to them any time.

    Grading and assessment was our focus for the month of January. If you look under Jan Week 3, you’ll see the title is “Grade Writing More Efficiently.” You’ll find pages of tips to help you grade essays in less time. (Jan Week 2 helps with that, also, but isn’t specifically geared toward writing assignments.) Jan Week 3 also includes multiple printables to help you grade student writing more effectively and efficiently, including a huge bank of student feedback comments, peer editing resources, and more.

    To access these free printables, simply download them from within the membership site. You never need to go to TpT or purchase anything. The Jan Week 3 printables are right there on the Jan Week 3 page—you’ll see the PDF of strategies, the audio version of the strategies, and a large button that says “download all printables.”

    You can follow this same procedure for each week of the club—all the printables are right there for you. I hope you’ll be able to make use of them in the coming year! If you’d like to begin again with the Jan 2019 cohort, we can start you over. Just email our support team and we’re happy to help.