40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club Reviews

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Any current or graduated member of the club is welcome to leave a review and let other teachers know what to expect.

Time saving, thought-provoking, and encouraging

The club materials and weekly podcasts can be overwhelming, however, Angela repeats over and over again, to take what you need for a particular week and go back later when you have time. I am still sifting through the information even a month after my cohort has been completed. I find the materials are very helpful in organizing and streamlining the classroom; specifically grading ELA papers. The Facebook page is also extremely informative and provides thought provoking comments and useful suggestions. I joined the elementary and the secondary group and found both groups were helpful for the middle school age. The groups are very encouraging and it helps to know others have the same feelings and thoughts as yourself as a teacher/parent. Overall, the club was well worth the cost, not just in materials. The ideas, suggestions and encouragement made me reflect and evaluate myself as a teacher and person as well as my future goals. Now, I purposely look for positive relationships, experiences and enjoy the small victories/goals at school, whereas I didn’t before.

Worth it–even for an organized high school teacher

Thanks to the club, I picked up some fantastic new habits (like the to-do lists) and tips that have really made a difference in my productivity at school (including creative new ideas for organizing my classroom). The club is definitely more geared toward elementary, so high school teachers, beware–you’ll have to do some translating for your situation. (For world language teachers out there, I was pleased to find that I could apply some of the elementary content to my French classes.) Overall, because I’m an experienced and already-fairly-organized high school teacher, I did feel some of the club content either didn’t apply or was old hat to me, and I think inexperienced teachers or teachers who really don’t come by organization naturally would get the most out the club. But I’m still thankful for the plethora of new ideas I did find and am glad I joined.

So worth it

I am not down to 40 hrs by a long shot, but this course was incredible value and choc full of actionable tips. I highly recommend. You can go at your own pace and the materials are available whenever you need them. I definitely recommend taking time to implement the introductory steps first.

Truly helpful

I joined the club at one of the lowest points of my teaching career, as we began weeks of evacuation and chaos in the wake of fire and flood here in Santa Barbara County. The club materials have really helped me keep myself feeling in control, and the Facebook group members make a great PLC. There’s so much material that I haven’t been able to read and absorb everything yet, so I’m planning another run-through this year.

Is It Worth It?

I try hard not to spend a lot of money in my classroom and I do not buy big ticket items, so this was a splurge for me. My rational: even if it saves me only an hour a week, it is easy to recoup your investment because time is money. I definitely work more than 40 hours a week, but I am working smarter and improving my work / life balance. Yes, it is worth it!

Courage and Faith

I am over 50 and in my fifteenth year of teaching. Yet much of Angela’s practical advice made my work easier, better, and more efficient. I couldn’t keep up with the pace of the club, but that doesn’t matter because the lessons are always available when I do have the time and energy. Beyond being practical, however, the 40HTW and Angela’s weekly podcasts give me the faith in myself and in the profession that I need to keep teaching. She is my Monday morning cup of courage and hope on the drive to school.

Join the Club!

I am a teacher with nearly 20 years experience, who is generally very organised and passionate about teaching, and I learned so much in this club! Angela is just amazing and a great mentor. The fact that I am in Australia and in a different year cycle did not matter much. I am planning on going through the club materials again this year. Sometimes I could not keep up, but it is there to go back to at any time. I enjoyed listening to the podcast while in the gym as that’s a nice time saver too, or while driving to work and my husband enjoyed it too, even though he’s not a teacher. There’s also many relevant resources, ready to print. This Club was money well spent 😄😄

Game Changer

There is an audio version of each week’s PDF which makes it easy to fit it into your schedule by listening to it while you clean, drive, workout, etc.


If the 40 hour workweek club can’t help you, thwn nothing can! Phenomenal program!

Great tips and strategies

I joined this club as I switched from jr.high to high school. This helped with streamlining the transition with a new grade, school, and curriculum!