40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club Reviews

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Any current or graduated member of the club is welcome to leave a review and let other teachers know what to expect.

40HTW worth the money!

I had taught for 29 years and was getting discouraged. I joined the club and was reminded of things I used to do and many many tips to improve what I do. It has encouraged me (and the podcasts) and renewed my love for teaching. You receive many free ideas and various ways to use them that meets your needs. Angela is positive and encouraging. The Facebook group is an awesome place to get ideas also. You don’t have to read and do it all, there is always one main idea for you to try. I think if you try it out, you won’t be disappointed.

I didn’t realize until….

I really didn’t think I was making tremendous changes until my mother-in-law had a serious accident. I had to leave my classroom unexpectedly for three days. I already had sub plans made and my copies available before I needed them, I had my lesson plans completed and class schedule available. I even had my fire escape plans and my classroom policies available. The sub who had to take over was so impressed and thankful for all the information. I really didn’t realize that I was slowly making the changes that I needed to be ready for such an emergency. I did have grading to catch up on when I returned but it was accomplished with a couple extra hours a night and I was back on track! This state of readiness didn’t happen overnight but the fact that it did happen and changed my classroom from what it was before is amazing.

More than I expected

I first leaned about the 40 HTW through Angela’s podcasts, and I figured that if I already found the podcasts useful, I would get a lot out of the weekly program. I appreciated that I could “miss” a week of the program without feeling like I would be endlessly lost, and I liked that I could revisit any topic or strategy whenever I needed to. For me, the materials are set up in a way that reinforces solid practices that I already use and introduces to new perspectives on skills that I haven’t yet got a handle on. I felt like I got so much out of the 40 HTW program that I joined the Graduate program, and that has given me access to newly-developed materials that I also like having at my fingertips. For me, the club paid for itself in the first few months because it gave me ways to create more time for myself and my family.

Completely worth the investment

whether you are new to the profession or have been at it a while, you can benefit from this club. I really benefited most from the weekly planner because it helped me to focus my priorities and cross things off my list instead of piling more on it. A pitfall to avoid is trying to read and implement every strategy each week. Read the over view and pick something you think you and your students would benefit the most from at that moment.

Fresh Insights!

Even after over 20 years in teaching, I wanted some fresh ideas to streamline my teaching organization. Each week I looked forward to and enjoyed listening to the recording of the club materials and choosing ONE thing to try! It was well worth the cost. It was my practical weekly professional development that I chose, not my school district! I joined the Grad group just to keep it going! Angela is positive and encouraging, along with giving you tons of materials that you can use right away! I was never disappointed!

Best online PD

Whether you jump in and do it all or just pick and choose, this club has been invaluable to me, even after 10 years in. I have learned so much from Angela and the other club members. It is a great resource!

All the essentials

The 40 Hour Teacher Work Week Club has been so inspirational. It has helped me reboot myself and led me to refocus on the essentials of teaching. I have truly enjoyed using it and have felt like it provided me with some really valuable pieces of information that I can continue to refer back to. It truly has provided me with essential pieces and tools to help me manage my time and be more productive. I love how the Club is so organized and easy to navigate as well. It is worth it’s weight in gold to any teacher looking to reboot and refocus their time and energy to our main focus, the students!

Great ideas & resources for elementary and core subject teachers

The 40 HTW provides helpful insight into many areas where teachers struggle. The club is really great if you are good at consistently using lists, which I find to be a struggle. It is especially wonderful for elementary teachers and even core subject teachers at the higher levels. As a middle school encore teacher with six different classes for three different grades, I am still struggling and wish I had a club like 40 HTW that was specific to teachers in my situation.

On-the-Go Support

I began The Club after 10 years of teaching. I loved my position and school, and I wasn’t burnt out… yet. Year after year I spent hours before and after school and on weekends because I felt I could always do “more”. Angela provided tools I could incorporate immediately, and she gave me permission relax my standard without me feeling guilty/lazy. I am part of the Graduate program now and I look forward to listening to her podcasts each week. I never listened to professional development prior to The Club, but having her tips and steps available on audio made my commute to and from work productive. I haven’t made it down to 40 hours a week yet, but I am able to successfully batch tasks so my energy isn’t easily expired, and I get some of the best resources without having to waste time searching TPT myself!

Thank you

Thank you for the countless resources and patient advice. I’m grateful for the regular inspiration, encouragement and practical support that has kept me working towards my goal of reducing my working week. It is so helpful to know I’m not alone and that it is ok to want to work like a normal person instead of a maniac workaholic!