40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club Reviews

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Any current or graduated member of the club is welcome to leave a review and let other teachers know what to expect.

Best investment ever

This is truly a helpful club. The resources alone are amazing and the amount if knowledge from others is helpful. It only works if you are willing to make some changes and try out new ideas. With changing grades the last three years this has help me to shortcut a few things and realized what is important. Love that it is self paced.


This program was amazing. I have cut my workload down by so much that I now have more time to spend with my husband on the weekend. I am not longer grading papers all weekend. I finally get to have time to go for walks, read, see movies and sit and relax.

Prompted me to rethink my systems to be more efficient and enabled me to say no to things that would mess with those systems

You get so much more than just a club. There is a facebook page with other teachers to give real advice. The TPT freebies were worth the price of joining alone.

Worth Every Penny!

As a special educator, some of the material doesn’t apply to me. There is such a great volume of material that I will be honest- as a member and in my second year as a graduate- there is still material I haven’t even touched. Given that, what I have taken from this club has greatly improved my productivity and efficiency. I know there is still a wealth of great advice, tips, short cuts, and materials waiting for me as I keep taking baby steps forward. I highly recommend the club.

So helpful

I have been teaching for 15 years, but recently changed preps. This program provided some key organizational tips and helped me to change my grading without stress as our district is changing our grading and homework policy. The most valuable part of the program is that I am able to have a point in my day when I am done with work/teaching. It really does work.

Worth It

I cannot point to any one thing that has helped me with the club. There are so many good things I am sometimes a slow learner, so I usually had to read AND listen to the weekly topic. I have reenrolled as a graduate and there are still so many new things to learn. I have been teaching for more than 14 years and just started this last year and it was worth it. The freebies alone would make it worth it, but having a peace of mind as you give yourself permission to let some things go and still feel good about giving a lot to your kiddos. Cutting back on a few things and creating a little margin in your life has been helpful. Any given month has a tremendous amount of good nuggets to help. Each time, I reread it, I learn something new to apply. I cannot recommend, enough, this club. It will help newbies and veteran teachers. Try it! You will not likely regret it.

Some of the best money I’ve spent on Professional Development!

The connection to the private Facebook group of teachers is AMAZING! I learned about so many new apps and programs. I was able to participate in honest discussions about issues relating to teachers with other teachers. The feedback from them was both informative and encouraging. The club materials provided strategies to help in managing time and curriculum planning. This would help anyone, no matter the subject area. I wish I would have had access to information like this, all in one place, and a group of people to discuss issues related to teaching and teachers when I started teaching. I recommended it to an intern teacher at my school just last week and would recommend it to you!

A BLESSING, not a burden!

I confess – I am WAY behind on the monthly materials. As a single working mom, I am up to my elbows in life… and this is the part where I would be tempted to beat myself up for not keeping pace with the Club. BUT HERE IS THE BEST PART OF THIS CLUB (in my opinion) is that is it PURE SUPPORT. There is no guilt, only reassurance that the amazing materials will still be there and waiting when I find the time. (Even if I don’t find the time until next year!) I am reassured that 100% implementation is not required nor expected nor necessary. When I do approach the materials, I am reassured again that I do not have to wrestle with it all… I can pick ONE small step to propel myself toward BIG changes. The reassurance is honestly the best thing about this club. The LAST thing that busy teachers need is MORE TO DO! That is why I love the philosophy of small steps to big changes; it is manageable! The materials that I have worked with (List Making System, Sustainable Systems, to name a couple) have been extremely helpful in my quest toward increasing productivity! I can’t wait to unpack all the goodies that are waiting for me!

Thoughts at the end of the school year.

That anything is possible, especially change. Education is a ticking time bomb and we all need help and advice because it is one of the most rewarding professions you can be part of. The club certainly helps with suggestions and practical ideas.

Life Changing

If you are looking to be more organized, leave work earlier, be more efficient, or ALL of the above, the 40HTW Club is for you. Not only are there an immense amount of resources shared, they are of VERY high quality – no fluff found here! Most importantly, the 40HTW Club has taught me to let go and not to be a perfectionist in focusing on the quality of your teaching and how to maximize student learning. I am SO thankful for finding this as this is only my second year of teaching. The things I have learned from this club are invaluable, I think EVERY teacher needs to be a part of this club! Angela Watson and her team are superheroes.