Gift certificates for the 40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club

The club provides professional development on productivity to educators who want to focus on what REALLY matters, both inside the classroom and out.

Thousands of teachers have already starting trimming hours off their workweek by getting organized, streamlining routines, giving kids ownership of the classroom, and being truly intentional about how they use their instructional, contractual, and personal time.

Here’s what club members receive:

  • 52 weeks of new classroom-tested productivity strategies (provided in both PDF and audio form) which are accessible through a private membership site
  • Hundreds of dollars worth of printable teaching resources and templates to help you save time
  • Access to elementary and secondary private Facebook groups where I–and hundreds of other teachers—share ideas and answer questions
  • 7 free bonuses, including three video trainings, the 40HTW List-Making System, and the Big 5 Tips for Teacher Productivity
  • A professional development certificate at the end of the year to document 104 hours of continuing education credits

Even better? Members keep their access to the entire program AND the Facebook group even after their year is up, so they can revisit the resources at any time and continue to get support.

Sponsor a membership for the 40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club--gift certificates available now!
If you know a teacher who would love support in working smarter, consider purchasing a membership for him/her. Or, maybe that teacher is YOU! If so, tell your family members that you want the gift of TIME more than anything else. Click here to learn more about the club.

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